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Jeju Herb Dongsan (Herb Garden)

Jeju Herb Dongsan
(Herb garden)
제주 허브동산


Herb Dongsan, located in Pyoseon, Jeju, has flowers all year around. There are 150 kinds of herbs under the sea breeze, and various wild flowers grow well. Along with the nicely created herb park, visitors can enjoy an indoor garden where herbs grow throughout the year, rosemary square, and a windmill observatory. There are many benches and chairs all over the farm, so you can take a break anytime if you come across a scene you like.

Pilates in the herb garden

For visitors of Herb Dongsan, the aroma foot spa is highly recommended. It is really good to soothe the tired feet of travelers. A golden foot bath is filled with hot water. Bath preparations are different every week. Normally, products with rose, which is good for skin regeneration and anti-aging, or rosemary, which is good for antibacterial effect and muscle relaxation, are used. A few drops of undiluted extract of peppermint are added to water at the proper temperature as not to destroy the healthful ingredients of herbs. Five minutes after taking a peaceful rest while dipping your feet in the foot bath, you can feel the heat coming from the feet, and your whole body gets warmer. After the foot spa, you can scrub your feet with sweet-scented rose salt to exfoliate. In the meantime, a therapist will apply peppermint oil on the back of your neck. Cool and refreshing peppermint oil is helpful to ease headaches and loosen knotted muscles. Lastly, rosemary mist is sprayed to the face. It feels like even smelling the fragrance alone heals the mind. The 20 minute foot spa program finishes pleasantly with rosemary mist.

You can stay one night at Herb Dongsan, which is full of a refreshing smell. You can take advantage of the “J-detox” package to perfectly enjoy this place. Bedding made with volcanic materials is prepared for an herb-scented accommodation. An aroma foot spa and one-day Pilates class are included as well. On top of that, a brunch set in the cafe Botanika 170 inside Herb Dongsan will be served. At night, Herb Dongsan is transformed as more than three million LEDS splendidly decorate the darkness. When both the sun and the moon hang hazily in the sky, Herb Dongsan starts to be luminous.

Making natural herb soap

At Botanika 170 cafe inside Herb Dongsan, you can experience making soap. You can make your own natural soap with two herbs chosen from chamomile, lavender, rose, and rosemary. It takes time for soap to dry, so it is recommended to take the class before looking around Herb Dongsan.


  • +82-64-787-7362
  • 09:00~22:30
  • Theme park admission fee Daytime 10,000 won, Nighttime 12,000 won, Foot spa 12,000 won
  • 170 Don-ohreum-ro, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-city, Jeju Special Self-governing Province
  • www.herbdongsan.com

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017