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Suggested Tours for Medical Tourists

Things to be seen outside Seoul
Date 12-30-2020 15:39
Things to be seen outside Seoul

Korea has beautiful regions besides Seoul. A new landscape unfolds the moment you leave the capital city. Mountains, seas, and rivers beckon to people to come and rest at any time. Distinctive local cultural heritages and foods allure travelers. A new path says a big hello to them.

Visit Gangneung, Sokcho, and Jeongseon in Gangwon-do
following the sound of the waves and the footsteps
of displaced people

When summer holidays approach, Korean people think of Gangwon-do because its cities, located along the east coast of Korea or at the foot of lush mountains, are ideal for vacation in nature.
Gangneung is a city of the sea and coffee. Park I-chu, one of the first baristas in Korea, and Terarosa, a coffee factory, have contributed to a renaissance of coffee culture in Gangneung. This city also boasts many beaches allowing people to enjoy walking while listening to the sound of the waves, such as Anmok Beach lined up with cafés with picturesque sea views and Gangmun Beach emerging as a social media site for photographers due to the photo zone at the white sandy beach.

Sokcho is home to two clear lakes.The most well-known tourist destination is Sokcho Abai Village. Many elderly people of this village came from Hamgyeong-do, North Korea, who fled during the Korean War. They settled temporarily on the sandy beach, hoping that they would soon return to their hometown. This is why there are many restaurants in Abai Village that serve Hamgyeong-style local dishes. Streamed squid stuffed with sticky rice and various vegetables is a delicacy. One of popular attractions among young people is a café, Chilsung Shipyard. It used be a boatyard, which was renovated into today's exhibition space.

Jeongseon, well-known as the hometown of "Jeongseon Arirang," is a county where warm-hearted live surrounded by rugged mountains. Jeongseon Arirang Market, a traditional fifth-day market, takes place on any day ending in the number 2 and 7. It teems with dishes that keep people's body warmer such as buckwheat crepes and potato rice cakes. Byeongbangchi Skywalk with a transparent floor allows visitors to see Bamseom Islet that looks like the Korean Peninsula. There is also a zipline nearby that runs at a maximum speed of 120 km/h at an altitude of 607 m.

Visit Danyang, Jecheon, and Chungju in Chungcheongbuk-do,
with the river under your feet and the sky over your head

The mountains and rivers of Chungcheongbuk-do are healing in themselves. The villages are famous for clear water running from the Namhangang River and Cheongpungho Lake and also encompassed by mountain ridges.
Danyang features lots of travel destinations that come in contact with the sky. Paragliding experience and Mancheonha Skywalk are the examples. The two-seater paragliding experience with an expert gives you an opportunity to fly in the sky for 10 minutes, embracing the Namhangang River and Danyang City. Seeing the river under your feet through the glass floor of Mancheonha Skywalk will also be a thrilling memory. It is recommended to experience exciting leisure sports such a zipline, an alpine coaster of up to 40 km/h, and an alpine slide called Mancheonha Slide. Danyanggang Plank Road is a new landmark in Danyang. It is a 1.2-km-long plank road built on the cliffs along the Namhanggang River. At night, it is lit up, creating more dramatic views.

In Jecheon, there is Cheongpungho Lake nicknamed the “Inland Sea.” As an artificial lake, it was created by the construction of the Chungju Dam. Different tourist destinations have been built around this wide lake. Why not enjoy the magnificent scenery unfolding from Bibongsan Observatory to Cheongpungho Lake while riding on the Cheongpung Lake Cable Car? There are two types of cable car, general and crystal cabin, and it takes about 10 minutes to reach the top of the mountain. You can also take the monorail when you go up the mountain and take the cable car when down the mountain. The Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex houses cultural properties that were relocated and restored; otherwise that may have been submerged during the construction of the Chungju Dam. The two-story tower, Hanbyeongnu Pavilion (Treasure No. 528), commands a spectacular view of the lake.

Chungju, well-known as a wellness travel destination, is a good place to relax. The Jungangtap Park is a sculpture park, accented by the Seven-story Stone Pagoda in Tappyeong-ri, Chungju (National Treasure No. 6). People can enjoy walking around the pagoda or riding a bicycle rented at the Chungju Experience Tourism Center. Tangeumho Rainbow Road next to the park is lit up with colorful lights at night, creating a more romantic atmosphere. It is well-known as a filming location for the drama, Crash Landing on You