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Suggested Tours for Medical Tourists

A Stress-Free Day Trip to Ganghwado Island
Date 02-27-2020 11:09
A Stress-Free Day Trip to Ganghwado Island

Ganghwado, being only one hour and a half from Seoul by car, is a great place for a day trip. The pastoral island boasts mudflats, beaches, mountains, and small islets, as well as an abundance of fresh and healthy food. Here are three of the best spots to visit while in Ganghwado Island.

10:00 >> Energetic Breakfast at Ganghwa Market

Ganghwa Market, which looms the moment we finish crossing the Ganghwadaegyo Bridge, is a convenient five-minute walk from Ganghwa Intercity Bus Terminal. The market is open year-round, but it bustles with greater energy on every day that finishes in either 2 or 7 (e.g., February 22 and 27) with its traditional “fifth-day” market setup. The ground floor of the modern-looking second-story market building features vendors who sell local agricultural and fishery produce. The juicy and refreshing turnips and the sweet potatoes with extremely sweet, yellow insides are the known delicacies of Ganghwa, while the turnip kimchi freshly made on site is sure to be delicious. You are bound to feel hungry while touring the lively market. Head above to the second floor to find diners serving hot fish stew and grilled fish. There are no bars separating these diners from each other, and patrons sit barefooted on the wide wooden benches to eat. After having a hearty meal, head over to Coop Cheongpungsanghoe, a small mall of young local entrepreneurs. Enjoy a relaxing mugwort foot bath with a cup of warm tea.

Tel : +82-32-930-7042
Address : 17-9, Jungang-ro, Ganghwa-eup, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon

14:00 >> Bomunsa Temple with a 600-Year-Old Tree

Drive across the main Ganghwado Island and cross the Seongmodaegyo Bridge to reach Seongmodo Island, home to Bomunsa Temple, one of the three Guanyin holy sites in Korea. Thousands of Buddha statutes greet visitors as they climb the stairs at the entrance of the temple. Hike your way up to the temple, inhaling the refreshing breeze from the Yellow Sea, and you will encounter a 600-year-old Chinese juniper in the middle of the front yard. Bomunsa itself is of a size that is perfect for a leisurely stroll, featuring a natural stone room housing 23 arhat statutes, Daeungjeon Hall, and Myeongbujeon Hall. The Rock-carved Buddha atop the Nunsseop Rock, one of the “eight beautiful sights of Ganghwado Island,” can be reached after 400 or so stone steps. The view of the serene stone Buddha enclaved into the surrounding rock, set against the backdrop of a panoramic landscape featuring the sea, is indeed breathtaking.

Tel : +82-32-933-8271, www.bomunsa.me
Address : 44, Samsannam-ro 828beon-gil, Samsan-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon

16:00 >> A Romantic View of the Sunset from Seongmodo Recreational Forest

Drive about 10 minutes from Bomunsa Temple to Seongmodo Recreational Forest. Not only is it the only recreational forest in Incheon, but it also offers beautiful views of the Yellow Sea. Located on one side of Sangbongsan Mountain, the forest provides views of the vast open plains and the sea beyond them. It also serves as a great spot to enjoy romantic views of the sun setting over the Yellow Sea. Inside the forest is Seongmodo Arboretum, with a wooden deck for strollers and theme exhibition rooms and even an eco experience center, pleasing all family members. The arboretum also offers 30 or so guest rooms for lodging, which require reservations in advance. The Forest Culture and Recreation Center is popular among overnight guests because of the ocean view it provides.

Photograph courtesy of Seongmodo Recreational Forest

Tel : +82-32-932-1100
Address : 39-75, Samsanseo-ro, Samsan-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon