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Suggested Tours for Medical Tourists

Ecology-Themed Tour of Seocheon
Date 11-29-2019 10:30
Ecology-Themed Tour of Seocheon

Seocheon, a small town in Chungcheongnam-do, Korea, is the Korean capital of eco-tourism. The black pine grove along the West Coast, the reed beds dancing by the wind of early winter, the migratory birds that hover above, and the rare species that inhabit the land, from prairie dogs to sand foxes, all make Seocheon an incredibly rich reservoir of biodiversity.

Photograph courtesy of the National Institute of Ecology (NIE).

Thrilling Skywalk amid a Refreshing Pine Forest: Janghang Songnim Forest Park

The lush forest here, consisting mostly of black pine trees, extends for some one kilometer along Korea’s West Coast. The trail, decked in some parts and covered in plush soil in others, are great for leisurely strolls even for children. While walking in the woods, you can hear the sounds of waves from a distance. Janghang Skywalk, standing 15 meters above ground, is an elevated 250-meter-long hiking trail that one must visit while touring the forest. It provides a rare opportunity to walk across the lush and fragrant grove while having a full view of the sea nearby. You can even see small islets of the West (Yellow) Sea on fair days. Wear comfortable shoes as Skywalk’s floor is made of gappy wires.

Tel. +82-41-950-4436
Address : San 65, Songnim-ri, Janghang-eup, Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

One of the Four Major Reed Beds in Korea: Sinseong-ri Reed Bed

This large reed bed, some 200 meters wide and extending 1.5 kilometers, offers a number of themed trails with names like “the Reed Sound Path,” “the Migratory Bird Sound Path,” and “the Sky Trekking Path.” You can take these paths to walk through the countless reeds while enjoying the bristling sound they make in the wind.
Sinseong-ri Reed Bed has been featured on a number of Korean films and TV shows, including the Joint Security Area: JSA; I’m Sorry, I Love You; and The Slave Hunters. The field rose to prominence, in particular, when it was featured as the backdrop of the confrontation among the main characters—Lee Byung-hun, Song Kang-ho, Shin Ha-kyun—on JSA. The reed bed is also a well-known wintering ground for migratory birds, attracting nearly 40 species each winter.

Tel. +82-41-952-9525 (Seocheon Tourist Information Center)
Address : 500, Sinseong-ro, Hansan-myeon, Seochon-gim, Chungcheongnam-do

Showcasing the Ecosystems of the World: National Institute of Ecology

The National Institute of Ecology (NIE) is dedicated to showcasing almost all known ecosystems of the world, from the desserts to the polar regions. It offers a wide variety of vegetations and wildlife found across the five major ecosystems of the world, i.e., tropical, desert, Mediterranean, temperate, and polar regions. Ecorium, the main pavilion, boasts a vast total area of 21,000 square meters housing over 230 species of wildlife and 1,900 species of plants. This is a unique venue that offers views of the baobab tree, which is a symbol in The Little Prince; prairie dogs, which is called a guard in the desert; and frilled-neck lizards, which is a dinosaur from Jurassic Park. Walking across the distinctly different climate zones, you would feel as if you were traveling the world on foot. After touring the indoor pavilion, don’t forget to tour the outdoor spaces that simulate wetland and river ecosystems.

Photographs courtesy of the NIE.

Tel. +82-41-950-5300, http://www.nie.re.kr
Address : 1210, Geumgang-ro, Maseo-myeon, Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do