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Suggested Tours for Medical Tourists

Touring the Fantasy Island of Jeju on Two Wheels
Date 10-31-2019 14:09
Touring the Fantasy Island of Jeju on Two Wheels

Jejudo, the large volcanic island off the southwestern coast of the Korean Peninsula, is one of the most popular destinations among Korean and international tourists alike. It also bears the honor of being certified three times by the UNESCO for its natural and ecological value, under the World Natural Heritage, Global Geopark, and Biosphere Reserves. Riding a bicycle along the Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path is a perfect way to tour this beautiful island and discover the sights that would not have been visible from a car.

Cycling around Jeju

The Jeju Fantasy Bike Path consists of 10 bicycle paths that extend all around Jejudo Island along the shorelines. If you start from Yongduam Rock, you will tour Jeju counter-clockwise, reaching the 10 Bike Tour Certification Centers at such destinations as Soesokkak Estuary and Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone, before finally returning to Yongduam Rock. The path extends for a total of 234 kilometers, which you can complete in three or four days by cycling for 70 to 80 kilometers per day. You can travel at a more leisurely pace of 30 kilometers per day and still complete the entire course in about a week.

Photograph 4 courtesy of the Jeju Tourism Organization (Visitjeju.net).

Course Overview

▶ Certification Center Locations┃  Yongduam (20.8 km) → Darak Shelter (20.9 km) → Haegeoreum Village Park (33.7 km) → Songaksan (29.2 km) → Beobhwanbadang (13.4 km) → Soesokkak (28.2 km) → Pyoseon Beach (21.6 km) → Seongsan Ilchulbong (28.1 km) → Gimnyeong Seongsegi Beach (28.1 km) → Hamdeok Seoubong Beach (24 km) → Yongduam (return).

▶ What to Expect┃  The bike path runs along Jeju’s shorelines for the most part, but there are some sections that are also accessible to pedestrians and cars and that require greater caution. The section between Yongduam Rock and Darak Shelter, for example, extends through more populated areas, including ports, and is quite winding. The section between Hamdeok Seoubong Beach and Yongduam Rock is also uneven and bumpy.

▶ Recommended Courses┃ 

① Course 1 (20.8 km): from Yongduam Certification Center to Darak Shelter Certification Center
Start from Yongduam Rock, pass by Jeju International Airport, and continue along the shoreline. The earlier part of this course runs straight through downtown Jeju and attracts quite a number of cars before you finally enter Aewolhaean-ro. But the course is worth it for the 10.7 kilometers extending from Hagwi to Aewolhaean-ro. You will be able to course through beaches that stretch for miles without much sightings of humans.

② Course 3 (33.7 km): from Haegeoreum Village Park Certification Center to Songaksan Certification Center 
This section offers breathtaking views of pastoral Jeju, complete with Sinchang Windmill Coastal Road that features gigantic white windmills. Once you pass Moseulpo Port, you will easily find Sanbangsan Mountain.

③ Course 8 (28.1 km): from Seongsan Ilchulbong Certification Center to Gimnyeong Seongsegi Beach Certification Center 
This is by far the flattest and easiest section and is recommended for unskilled bike riders. You can easily complete this section, enjoying views of tranquil fishing villages and showering in the refreshing sea breeze.

Photograph 7 courtesy of the Jeju Tourism Organization (Visitjeju.net).

Tips for Enjoying the Jeju Fantasy Bike Path

1. Get stamps in your bike passport at each certification center. Bike passports are available from the Jeju International Airport Tourist Information Center run by Jeju Tourism Association and the Jejuhang Port. If you collect all the stamps, you can receive a certificate sticker for completing the entire course at the Yongduam Tourism Information Center upon your return.

2. Certification centers are not shelters or lounges for tourists. Many of these centers are located in open spaces with nothing to see or enjoy. Take as many breaks as you want on your tour whenever you find a landscape you like. Certification centers are strictly for stamp-collecting.