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The Symbol of Autumn: Silver Grass
Date 10-04-2019 14:22
The Symbol of Autumn: Silver Grass

The silver grass adds to the beauty of fall in Korea. The plant, which blossoms in autumn, creates silver waves on the Korean plains throughout the fall, billowing in white blooms almost until the end of the season. Find and visit silver glass colonies in Korea to immerse yourself in the Korean autumn.

Silver Glass Plain at the End of Autumnal Hiking: Ganwoljae Pass

Ganwoljae Pass is an ideal location that is certain to please both hikers and sightseers who wish to enjoy the waves of silver grasses. Yeongnam Alps in Ulju-gun, Ulsan, is home to nine tall mountains. The region is named so because the range of these mountains, all at least 1,000 meters above sea level, is reminiscent of the magnificent European Alps. Sinbulsan Mountain is by far the most popular in October thanks to its Ganwoljae Pass, a vast plain along the contour of the mountain that is covered with a carpet of silver grass blossoms at that time of the year.
The silver grass colony, sprawling on an area of 330,000 m2, is a perfect place to immerse yourself in the Korean autumn. There are numerous routes to get to Ganwoljae Pass. The easiest departs from the so-called Deer Ranch and takes about four hours to and from. This relatively level path is recommended for families with young children and inexperienced hikers. Keep walking for two hours or so, and you will arrive at the broad plains of Ganwoljae Pass. Walk amid the silver grass blossoms along the decked trail, and hear the song of the grasses whistling amid the fall breeze.

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Swept Up in Silver Tides: Mindungsan Mountain

The whole Mindunsang Mountain is aflame with silver waves in autumn. The mountain (1,118.8 meters above sea level) is one of the five most renowned silver grass colonies in Korea. An area of 660,000 m2 along the ridges of the mountain is covered through and through with the plant’s blossoms in every fall. The silver grass colony extends between the seventh ridge to the summit. It takes a good half an hour through the silver grass field before one finally reaches the summit.
There are four main routes to navigate Mindungsan Mountain. Of these, the two that depart from Jeungsan Elementary School are more popular. The more difficult course extends for 2.6 kilometers and takes hikers approximately an hour and a half before they reach the summit. The easier course, extending for 3.2 kilometers, takes about an hour and 50 minutes to complete. The trails are steep for the most part except for the pine-covered entry ways. Climb for an hour or so from Jeungsan Elementary School and you will have reached the seventh ridge. You will know you are there when you encounter the panorama of silver grass blossoms filling up the entire plains in the middle of the mountain. The annual Mindungsan Silver Grass Festival is scheduled to take place from September 27 to November 10 this year, which will be a perfect time to visit the mountain.

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Nature’s Masterpiece: Myeongseongsan Mountain

Myeongseongsan Mountain in Gyeonggi-do, home to Sanjeong Lake, draws large numbers of hikers every October because it is also famous for its silver grass colony. The colony, which sprawls over an area of 198,300 m2 near the mountain’s summit, is one of the five most renowned in Korea.
The majority of hikers, who visit the mountain to see silver grass blossoms, travel the route that includes Deungnyong Falls. Pass Biseon Falls at the entrance and climb on for two kilometers or so to reach Deungnyong Falls. The two-step falls that hits the high vertical rock beneath is a sight to behold on its own. The vivid colors of maple trees on both sides of the trail from the waterfall to the top add to the beauty of the trekking. Walk for another 1.2 kilometers from the fall, and you will reach the silver grass field near the summit. You will be amazed to see these tall grasses dancing slowly amid the mountain breeze under a crystal clear sky.
Myeongseongsan Silver Grass Festival 2019 (October 12 to 27, 2019) will be another great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the silver grass colony. Take selfies in various photo zones and watch the numerous shows and performances on offer to enjoy the Korean autumn to the fullest.

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