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One Day Can Change Your Whole Life: Global Wellness Day
Date 05-29-2019 15:07
One Day Can Change Your Whole Life: Global Wellness Day

Living healthy and well are high on everyone’s list of wishes. If you want to focus on your wellbeing, but are not sure where or how to start, Global Wellness Day on June 8 just may be for you, and it can change your whole life.

What Is Global Wellness Day (GWD)?

Global Wellness Day began as a wellbeing-focused movement in Turkey in 2012 with the slogan, “One day can change your whole life.” It is celebrated on the second Saturday of every June, encouraging participants to search and celebrate ways in which both individuals and communities can become better and healthier.
The mandate of GWD is simple: to appreciate the true value of life, one should dedicate at least a single day out of the year to reflect upon that its value, and one should also take a break from the stresses generated by urban life and bad habits. The goal is to achieve peace with oneself by finding the motivation to live the remaining 364 days of the year with a commitment to wellness.

※ Global Wellness Day website (English): www.globalwellnessday.org

In Search of Genuine Wellness

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines wellness not simply as an absence of illnesses or physical frailties, but as a balanced state of physical, mental, and social wellbeing.
GWD participants view wellness as a series of active processes dedicated to reaching a healthy and full life. The movement demands we recognize how our health and wellbeing are tied to other organic aspects of our lives. Also, it asks us to find ways to act proactively and responsibly toward achieving a good balance among these aspects.

▶ Seven Tips for Starting on Wellness

1. Walk for an hour a day. The increase in endorphins will lift your mood, while you lose belly fat and tone your muscles.
2. Drink more water.
3. Refrain from using plastics that harm health and the environment.
4. Eat natural and healthy food.
5. Break out of old prejudices, and start actions to make the world a better place.
6. Enjoy dinner with loved ones, without smartphones and TV.
7. Go to bed by 10 p.m. Sleep is critical for the body’s self-healing process.

Wellness Destinations in Korea (Tips on Free Trials)

People from over 130 countries will celebrate GWD this year with special events at more than 5,000 venues worldwide.
If you would like to celebrate GWD in Korea, we strongly recommend 31 wellness tourist destinations handpicked by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) under the four broad categories of “Spa & Beauty,” “Traditional Korean Medicine,” “Nature & Forest,” and “Healing & Meditation.” The list includes renowned spas, hot springs, therapy centers, and nature-immersed forests throughout Korea.

>> Go to "Wellness Korea"

Eight of the wellness destinations recommended by the KTO will participate in the GWD celebration by offering free-of-charge open class programs for Korean and international guests.
Tea Therapy Haengnang in Seoul, for example, will provide an anti-stress tea therapy program. Yeo Yong Kuk Korean Spa will also offer an open program in which participants can have their body types checked, and try foods and aromatherapies tailored to their body types. Vista Walkerhill will open its paddle-board yoga, meditation and yoga, and dance Pilates classes to testers.
Spa Land Centum City will provide yoga and Pilates classes amid its jjimjil spa settings. Other open class programs on offer will include yoga classes at Aquafield Goyang; Sugam meditation and duoball fitness classes at Park Roche Resort & Wellness in Jeongseon; single-day meditation programs at Godowon Center in Chungju; and natural therapy at the Spa Therapy Center in Hanhwa Resort in Jeju.

Classes will accept participants on a first-come, first-serve basis. Visit Medical Korea’s event web page for details.

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