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Suggested Tours for Medical Tourists

Searching for Inner Peace: Juwangsan National Park and Jusanji Pond in Cheongsong
Date 06-25-2018 14:55
Searching for Inner Peace:
Juwangsan National Park and Jusanji Pond in Cheongsong

Cheongsong is an international slow city—time is especially slowly here. The name of the town means the pervasiveness of clear energy. As such, Cheongsong is a destination for travelers who appreciate the serenity of idyllic landscapes rather than travelers who are looking for urban excitement and thrill. The city provides a welcome break from the hectic urban life, with its scenic national park upon a mountain and pond that boasts of otherworldly beauty. Surrounded by calm everywhere in Cheongsong, you will soon find the inner peace you have been looking for.

Juwangsan National Park: Magnificent Rocks and an Energetic Waterfall

Along with Seoraksan and Wolchulsan Mountains, Juwangsan Mountain is one of the three major rocky mountains in Korea. Juwangsan rises 721 meters above sea level and attracts visitors with its scenic beauty that features magnificent and unique rocks and a waterfall. Mainly, there are eight trekking routes that visitors can take to explore the national park. The two-hour round-trip course via Daejeonsa Temple to and from Yongchu Fall provides a compressed experience of the national park’s beauty in a relatively short span of time. The trekking trails are clear and well-trodden, making it easy even for novice trekkers to enjoy hiking.

Daejeonsa Temple at the entry to the national park was erected 1300 years ago during the reign of King Munmu in Silla. An imposing and incredibly beautiful cliff—characteristic of Juwangsan Mountain—stands right behind Bogwangjeon Hall. A quiet forest follows right after the temple, allowing hikers to walk with views of beautiful rocks ahead and the sound of a creek by their side. Trekking in Juwangsan Mountain is indeed an experience that utilizes all the five senses.

Your ears know that you have arrived at Yongchu Waterfall even before your eyes see it. The massive rocks surrounding the fall serve as amplifiers, providing a surround stereo setting for the sound of the waterfall. You have to enter a narrow valley in order to view the waterfall. Beyond the valley, you will feel as if you had been transported to another world.

- Address: 169-7 Gongwon-gil, Budong-myeon, Cheongsong, Gyeongsangbuk-do
- Tel.: 054-870-5300
- Website: http://juwang.knps.or.kr

Jusanji Pond: A Paradise of Otherworldly Beauty

About 30 minutes into hiking past the entry of the Juwangsan National Park, you will arrive at Jusanji Pond, a place that looks as if ancient sages would visit to meditate. Jusanji Pond is an artificial dam that gathers water to be used for farming nearby. It extends for 200 meters in width and 8 meters in depth. The pond was created three centuries ago, in 1721, but has never dried up in its history. The sedimentary rock layer forming the bedrock of the pond retains water like a sponge and continues to discharge it even in the most severe droughts.

Jusanji Pond features old willow trees rising right above the water. The two dozen or so trees make the entire scene around the pond seem dreamy and otherworldly. Willow trees tend to thrive in nearby bodies of water, such as the case in Jusanji Pond, but are known to be unable to breathe in water. However, the willow trees in Jusanji Pond have developed special breathing functions over the centuries to grow to their current state of health and beauty. The sky and the ridges of the surrounding mountain are reflected off the surface of the pond, offering a breathtaking portrait of the landscape. The willow trees are at their most beautiful at dawn, as they appear slowly through the thick fog that covers Jusanji Pond every morning. Watching the willow trees reveal themselves under the dim lights of the morning will make you feel as if you were witnessing the birth of a pristine world.

- Address: 163 Jusanji-gil, Budong-myeon, Cheongsong, Gyeongsangbuk-do
- Tel.: 054-873-0019