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Once Is Never Enough: Thrilling Luge Rides in Tongyeong
Date 04-09-2018 10:15
Once Is Never Enough: Thrilling Luge Rides in Tongyeong

Riding it is as thrilling as riding a roller coaster. It is similar to riding a sleigh, except for the fact that you could ride it at any time throughout the year. We are talking about the luge rides in Tongyeong. Luge is an athletic activity that involves riding a three-wheeled cart along a track. After reaching the end of the track, all luge riders shout out: “Once is never enough!”

Is It Different from the Luge in the Winter Olympics?

Unlike the luge competition category at the Winter Olympics, the luge in Tongyeong involves riding a custom-made cart along a sloped track. It bears the same name as the competition category in the Winter Olympics, but Tongyeong’s luge is far simpler to ride because each cart has a handle that enables a driver to adjust the ride’s direction and speed. In addition, the cart has three wheels. The luge came from New Zealand, and it has been enjoyed by over 35 million people worldwide. It is an excellent pastime of global stature.

Where Can I Find It?

The luge track in Yongyeong starts on the midslope of Mireuksan. To get there, you need to get on the Sky Ride offered at the foot of the mountain. Before getting onboard this ride, do not forget to wear a helmet that fits you. The Sky Ride gives you a breathtaking view of the blue Namhae Sea below.

How Do I Use a Luge Cart?

Riding a luge cart is as simple as riding a sleigh. However, because it comes with a brake, first-time users are strongly advised to learn how to use it from the operating staff on site. Push the lever outward to start and accelerate. Pull it inward to decelerate and brake. A luge cart is appealing because it allows the driver to control the speed and direction as he/she sees fit. In whichever case, you must never lose your grip on the lever because, if you do so, the cart could abruptly stop and turn upside down.

Luge Track

Luge riders in Tongyeong ride along a 1.5-km-long track that starts in the middle of a mountain, which is approximately 110 m above sea level. The track changes its shape multiple times, that is, from a straight line to S- and U-shaped curves and even to a full circle. Tongyeong’s luge track is the only track in the world that features a full circle. Do you want to enjoy speed? Drive a luge cart without using the brake during the first linear course. As you gain speed, you will be able to easily glide along the track. Just when you think the speed is getting out of control, the track changes onto a curved section, thereby naturally slowing down your cart. Safety personnel are present at all the risky spots. The track is also lined on both sides by banks. You need not worry about your luge cart getting derailed.

No one frowns during a luge ride. Friends competing for speed, lovers looking for a thrill, and even parents with young kids in front of them were all laughing in the photographs taken of them while they were in luge carts. What better way could be there to enjoy these fine spring days? As you reach the end of the track, you will already begin to wish you could ride it once again. At that moment, you will realize the meaning of the motto “Once is never enough” shown at the exit. Therefore, at the exit, passes for three, five, and seven luge rides are offered.

- Location: 178, Balgae-ro, Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do
- Tel.: 070-4731-8473
- Website: www.skylineluge.com/luge-korean