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Jeju Herb Garden, a Natural Theme Park Where You Can Enjoy Beautiful Night Lights and Herbs
Date 12-01-2017 11:26

Jeju Herb Garden, a Natural Theme Park
Where You Can Enjoy Beautiful Night Lights and Herbs


Jeju Herb Garden, also called Herb Dongsan, is a place where you can enjoy beautiful paths and gardens filled with roughly 150 kinds of herbs and flowers on approximately 21.2 ac (26,000 pyeong) of land. In addition to herb gardens, this theme park has a variety of facilities that you can enjoy such as an herb shop, a café, a tangerine farm, etc.

Herbs refer to any plant with a unique scent and are mainly used for medicinal purposes. However, aside from their medical significance, herbs are also widely used for dyeing, skin care, flavoring, etc. Jeju Herb Garden is a place where you can enjoy various kinds of herbs throughout the year. The herbs that you can see, particularly during the winter season, include plum blossom, spring snowflake, Jeju daffodil, Farfugium japonicum, Camellia hiemalis, pheasant’s eye, Chrysanthemum pacificum, Daphne odora, etc.

The “Night Light Show,” which was first held in the park last winter, will be available by December 31 of this year. Approximately three million lights beautifully decorate the gardens at night. You can watch a special multimedia show created using a three-dimensional mapping technology in the Secret Garden. The beautifully tinged herbs and bright and colorful lights will make you feel warm even in the middle of a freezing winter night. It is indeed an excellent destination for families, friends, and couples to enjoy a romantic view of the heavenly island of Jeju.

What makes the Night Light Show even more special is that it offers you a chance to enjoy various experience programs. Such programs include golden foot spa, tangerine and shiitake mushroom harvesting, and soap making.

In particular, the foot bath program is an exclusive signature experience program available at Jeju Herb Garden. You can enjoy a relaxing and invigorating foot spa in a golden bathtub with jade flooring. The 100% peppermint and rosemary essential oils will refresh your tired mind and body, while the foot massage with aromatic salt will exfoliate your feet’s skin and help recover its ionic balance. This is followed by a sports cooling massage, which improves the blood circulation in the feet, leaving them smooth and refreshed. Then, you will be guided to the Aroma Therapy Dry Sauna Room where you can relax your entire body.

Jeju Herb Garden also has an old café that serves various kinds of homemade bread, desserts, and tea and an herb shop that sells a variety of herb products.

- Location: 170, Donoreum-ro, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
- Home Page: http://www.herbdongsan.com

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