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Suggested Tours for Medical Tourists

Autumn Comes to the Buckwheat Flower Fields in Ora-dong, Jeju
Date 09-08-2017 10:08

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Autumn Comes to the Buckwheat Flower Fields in Ora-dong, Jeju

Once the scorching heat of summer gives way to the cool breeze of September, Jeju comes alive with buckwheat flower blossoms. They signal the beginning of autumn in Jeju. Come to Jeju to admire the autumn colors of the buckwheat flowers, and feel the cool autumn breeze on Saebyeol Oreum and Tarabi Oreum in Aewol-eup, two hills that are as beautiful as their names sound.

Buckwheat Flower Fields, Ora-dong

Ora-dong boasts of the largest buckwheat flower fields. Their total area stands at 830,000 m2. The fields are open from 9:00 a.m. to sunset on weekdays and until 10:00 p.m. on weekends. The fields first welcomed visitors last September, just in time with the blooming of the flowers. The flower fields attracted numerous visitors during the one-month festival period. A walk among the white blossoms takes visitors past dol hareubang (stone totems unique to Jeju) and statues of hanyeos (female divers). The sea and the cityscape of Jeju can be seen to the north, and Mt. Halla and the oreum ridges create a perfect photo spot. Take a walk with your friends or loved ones as you admire the sea of white flowers. When the sun sets, do take a picture of yourself lit by the subtle reflections of the white petals.

Address: San 132-2, Yeon-dong, Jeju-si

Tarabi Oreum

Jeju has a large number of oreums (volcanic cones) both large and small. Oreums create a spectacular landscape, covered with silver glass flowers. Walk on the trail leading to the top of Tarabi Oreum, the queen of all oreums, and you will be treated to a view of the silvery blossoms and rows of wind turbines, along with Mt. Halla and canola flowers in the distance. Lose yourself in nature as you trek through the serene ambience created by the tall, silver grasses.

Address: San 62, Gasi-ri, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si

Saebyeol Oreum

This oreum is one of the most well-known oreums in the western part of Jeju. At the top, you can take in the view of Mt. Halla, Hyeopjae Beach, and Hallim in the distance. The hill is also a famous spot for watching the sunset. Celebrate the arrival of the new season as you look at the tall, silver grass gleaming against the setting sun!

Address: San 59-8 Bongseong-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si

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