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[Medical Tourism Story] Yakdabang Bomdong
Date 01-19-2017 10:28

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Medical Tourism Story - Yakdabang Bomdong

We all have those days from time to time—days when we feel down and tired, struggle to focus, and simply have no motivation to do anything, even though we have no major symptoms that might be indicative of serious illnesses. What is the cure for these days? The hectic pace of modern life ails us all in some ways that are not directly treatable and hospitals. Instead, we need more comforting spaces where we can relax and recharge ourselves.

The unique “traditional medicine salon” we are about to introduce today, named Yakdabang Bomdong, is the perfect place and cure for our down days. At this tea salon that barely looks like a traditional Korean medicine clinic, we can consult the traditional medicine doctor about the general conditions of our health, drink herbal teas prescribed to us, give our tired feet a relaxing foot bath, and reflect upon the current status of our health and wellbeing.
Yakdabang Bomdong is located in the so-called Hongdae area of Mapo-gu in Seoul, famous for its hip cafes, bars and clubs to not only Koreans, but also foreign visitors. Just five minutes of walk from the Hongik University Station on Metro Line 2, this accessible salon is partitioned into two spaces: Bomdong, which is a tearoom, and Saenggang, which is a traditional medicine clinic. This unique tea salon was set up to shatter the popular perception of traditional herbal medicines as bitter and painful, and instead, to invite people to enjoy aromatic and healthy herbal teas and begin to cultivate more healthy habits.

I visited Yadabang Bomdong at the exact hour it opened, which was 11 a.m. on a weekday. The tea salon scarcely had any other customers at that time, but the staff reassured me that people would have to wait in long lines outside the door to enter the salon on the weekends, fittingly for its growing fame in Seoul. The first thing I noticed upon entering the salon was how hip and sophisticated the entire interior décor was, with warm lighting, serene music, and the subtle aroma of medicinal herbs filling up the vast open space. Its atmosphere was enough to make me believe that I would be purified and recharged just by spending some time in it. The salon was previously a family home, and even after the renovation, it retained the homely coziness.


Yakdabang Bomdong allows customers to choose beverages according to their current health conditions or moods. The menu lists six basic medicinal teas and 48 customized tea blends for soothing purposes. The staff blends and serves different teas to cater to different customers’ needs.
If you experience skin trouble more frequently these days than usual, you might benefit from the Immunity Tea that enhances the natural immunity and firmness of the skin against external stimuli. If you are under stress or experience bouts of anger and frustration, you should perhaps try the Detoxification Tea that lightens up the body by discharging it of toxins. If you find yourself gaining a few pounds lately and feeling sluggish, order the Rejuvenation Tea that delays the signs of bodily aging and restores youthful energy. You can also seek consultation with the traditional medicine doctors on site. You can talk to qualified and professional practitioners of traditional medicine about the general problems of health you are experiencing, about your natural disposition, and receive tea prescriptions.

Curious about my natural disposition, I went straight ahead for chadam, the conversation with a doctor over tea, and filled out a questionnaire of 16 questions and talked to the doctor for almost half an hour. The doctor told me that the reason my hands and feet were often cold was because I had a blood circulation problem, with my blood veins having lost their natural elasticity. The doctor then prescribed me an immunity-boosting tea that also served to raise the body temperature. The free snacks served with the tea, made with citron peels, dried dates and sliced ginger, was a great match for the slightly bitter-tasting tea.

Bomdong also offers over 20 medicinal liquors. The alcohol in these liquors apparently help deliver the active properties of medicinal ingredients deeply into various body parts that normal brewed teas fail to reach. The bar is open in the evening.


Another charm of Yakdabang Bomdong is the foot bath it provides. Customers can choose which herbs to infuse their bath water, either on their own or with the doctor’s prescription. The 20 minutes of foot bath made me feel much lighter and less tired, both in my mind and body. My two-hour visit to Yakdabang Bomdong was indeed a relaxing and healing trip.

*The prices of teas range from KRW 8,700 to KRW 14,800. The foot bath is KRW 10,000 for 20 minutes.

*If you would like to consult a doctor in Saenggang, you must make a reservation in advance.

*Directions: Exit Gate 1, Hongik University Station (Metro Line 2) a Turn right at the Hongik University Intersection a Cross the first crossroad and walk straight on a Turn right at the alley marked by the convenience store “Ministop” a Turn left a The building right next to Hanmi Pharmacy on the first three-way junction you encounter.

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