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[March 2020] Deep Muscles: The Key to Health
Date 03-24-2020 13:25 Hit147
Deep Muscles: The Key to Health

We have all heard of the importance of core training exercises. However, why do we need to tone these deep muscles as we age? How best can we strengthen them? Let’s find out.

Superficial Muscles vs. Deep Muscles

Superficial muscles, also known as phasic muscles, refer to large masses of muscles found near the body’s surface. They generate significant energy the human body needs in fast movements. However, they are prone to fatigue and take much time to recover. On the other hand, deep muscles, also known as core muscles, help us maintain our posture and sustain repeated movements. While phasic muscles work briefly to generate enough power for fast movements, tonic muscles work constantly to maintain our posture and are, therefore, less prone to fatigue. Sprinters focus on phasic muscle training, while marathoners focus on tonic muscle training.

Why Are Deep Muscles Important?

Deep muscles are attached directly to the bones and prevent the body from losing its posture. Weakness in these muscles causes poor and asymmetrical body posture. Moreover, deep muscles play a crucial role in metabolic functions like blood circulation, nutrition supply, and discharge of wastes. The muscle mass begins to decrease when we enter our 30s. Neglecting to train and tone the deep muscles leads to compromises in our posture and interferes with our metabolism, accelerating fat accumulation and making us more prone to fatigue. Despite their central importance to overall health, deep muscles receive less attention than superficial muscles because they are often invisible.

Tips for Strengthening Deep Muscles Daily

● Avoid elevators; take stairs. This may be the simplest daily exercise but is difficult to do. If possible, keep your heels held up slightly and tuck your tummy in while walking upstairs.

● Raise your legs while brushing your teeth. Stand firmly in front of a mirror. While brushing your teeth, raise your one leg, and keep it raised and straight. Do this repeatedly by turns on both legs. If you find it difficult to stand still while doing this, you may support your body by grasping the bathroom sink with your free hand.

● Sit and stand firmly. Did you know that you can strengthen your muscles simply by maintaining good postures at all times, whether you sit, stand, or walk? When sitting in a chair, keep your back straight and attached to the back of the chair. When you walk, walk as if a string was attached to the crown of your head and pulling you upward into the sky. Feel the muscles on your abdomen tighten.

● Walk with the whole soles of your feet. Stand firmly, with your back straight and not hunched, and walk consciously so that your feet maintain a parallel from each other. Take firm steps ahead, using the entire soles of your feet, from heel to toe.

● Do belly exercises before going to bed. Lie on your back. Keep your legs straight and raise them about 30 cm from the floor. Maintain them for 10 s on end. Lower your legs and rest for 10 s. Repeat these steps 10 times. As you get used to this exercise, you can keep your legs raised for longer and repeat the movements more.