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[August 2018] Healthy Summer Foods to Beat the Heat
Date 08-07-2018 09:20 Hit244
Healthy Summer Foods to Beat the Heat

When the summer temperature never falls below 30 °C, you must pay particular attention to your health because you may feel worn out and lack appetite because of the hot weather. There are people who suffer from sunstroke, insomnia, or summer cold with their weakened immune systems. It is not possible to stress enough the “importance of hydration” as the best tip for a healthy summer. As you sweat a lot, you must drink water frequently. The adequate amount of water you must drink per day is 1.5–2 L. If you have digestive problems, it is highly recommended that you drink water 30 min after a meal. In case you are looking for summer food, aside from water, which can both improve your health and increase your appetite, this article would be perfect for you.

Ginseng Chicken Soup

Chicken soothes your stomach and revitalizes your energy. It is the best food that helps you get your strength and energy back, particularly when you are experiencing excessive sweating and fatigue. Adding a few slices of astragalus root to your ginseng chicken soup will speed up your recovery. If you are concerned about its cholesterol content, you can simply remove the chicken’s skin before enjoying its meat. Chicken breast is rich in protein compared to other types of meat; in particular, it has more essential amino acids compared to beef. As protein optimizes brain function, chicken is a must-try dish for growing children. Some of the most renowned healthy dishes made of chicken in South Korea include ginseng chicken soup and chilled chicken soup with roasted sesame seeds. If you prefer something cold, you can have cold chicken soup with vinegar and mustard.

Ginseng Chicken Soup Recipe
1. Properly wash raw chicken without giblets and fat.
2. Pour water into your pot with the slices of astragalus root soaked in water.
3. Stuff the chicken with sticky rice soaked in water, fresh ginseng, garlic cloves, and jujubes, and then, cross the chicken legs to hold in the stuffing.
4. Place the stuffed chicken into the pot with the astragalus root. Turn down the heat to the pot of boiling soup, and simmer the soup over medium–high heat for about an hour.
5. Season the soup with salt and pepper when it is almost ready to be served.

Seasoned Balloon Flower Roots Wrapped in Duck

Duck meat is one of the healthiest ingredients indicated in South Korea’s most renowned traditional medical book called Donguibogam: Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine. According to this book, “duck meat can be served cold by nature, which can replenish your energy, reduce body heat, improve digestion, and increase urine flow, not to mention it tastes great.” Duck is rich in unsaturated fatty acid that prevents cardiovascular diseases. It is also a superfood that every woman needs because it can help in getting a healthy and beautiful skin. It contains folic acid and iron, which are effective in restoring energy levels. Duck and balloon flower root can be perfectly combined because the warmness of the balloon flower root in its nature can embrace the coldness of the duck. The balloon flower root is widely known as a healthy ingredient that is very rich in saponin, which can boost your immune system.

Seasoned Balloon Flower Roots Wrapped in Duck Meat Recipe
1. After you have properly washed, peeled, and cut the balloon flower roots, drizzle enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan and stir-fry them with crushed garlic, cooking wine, and sugar. Add sesame seeds and oil when they are almost ready to be served.
2. Season the slices of duck meat with salt and cooking wine.
3. Wrap the balloon flower roots with perilla leaves and flattened slices of duck meat.
4. Grill the balloon flower roots wrapped in duck meat on a frying pan and pour teriyaki sauce over them so that the wrappings would taste better.

Squid and Radish Soup

Squid is rich in protein because it contains 18.2 g of protein per 100 g. It is perfect for boosting your energy levels. As it is in season from July to November, you are highly encouraged to eat squid in summer not only because it tastes great but also because it is high in nutrients. Squid contains a large amount of taurine, which is often known as a key ingredient in supplements and energy drinks. As its taurine content is 2–3 times higher than that of other types of seafood and, to our surprise, 16 times higher than that of beef, squid is perfect for increasing your stamina. Moreover, it is rich in unsaturated fatty acid that improves your brain function, while its ink can boost antibacterial and antiaging activities.

Squid and Radish Soup Recipe
1. Cut the squid into bite-size pieces after cleaning and preparing it.
2. Julienne onions, and slice chili peppers and green onions diagonally. Cut radish and tofu into 1-in squares that are about ¼ in thick.
3. Boil the soup after adding broth, radish, kelp, and chili pepper powder to a pot with the squid pieces in it.
4. Add onions once the soup starts to boil.
5. Add tofu when the soup boils up once more.
6. Simmer the soup after adding the green onions and chili peppers.

Noodles in Cold Soybean Broth

Beans are often called “beef grown in a field,” which suggests that beans are excellent sources of protein. In particular, soybean is widely known to be effective in replenishing your energy and improving digestion by nourishing your stomach and spleen. Thus, you feel energized after having a bowl of noodles in cold soybean broth in the summer season when it is not abnormal to lose your appetite.

Noodles in Cold Soybean Broth Recipe
1. Properly wash your beans and soak them in water for 3–4 hr. Afterward, boil the beans and remove their skin.
2. Use a strainer to drain the water, and let the beans cool before mashing them in a blender.
3. Filter the mashed beans while pouring water over them to make soybean broth.
4. After cooking thin noodles, rinse them under cold running water, and drain them afterward.
5. are almost ready to be served, top them with Julienned cucumbers or tomatoes.