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[December 2017] Check Your Brain’s Health
Date 12-26-2017 10:50 Hit299


Check Your Brain’s Health

Your brain cells die, and your memory deteriorates as you age. If you easily get stressed out, you need to check your brain’s condition. Your brain is largely affected by four factors: nutrition, oxygen, touch, and emotion. You can check your brain’s condition through your life habits.

N.O.T.E. Factors
To Check Your Brain’s Health

N: Nutrition
- I ate a meal that contains more than one of the following ingredients: blue-colored fish, tofu, chicken, and egg (three times a week and more).
- I ate more than half a plate of green vegetables or seasonal fruit (twice a week and more).
- I ate more than a handful of nuts (three times a week and more).

O: Oxygen
- I spent more than 30 min outdoors for walking (twice a week and more).
- I drank more than five cups of water each day (four times a week and more).
- I opened the window more than once a day, and I allowed fresh air to come in for more than 20 min.

T: Touch
- I had an aerobic exercise for more than 20 min (twice a week and more).
- I consciously used my left hand (right hand for people who are left-handed) more than five times (twice a week and more).
- I listened to music for more than 15 min a day (twice a week and more).
- I read a book for more than 30 min or got curious about new things (twice a week and more).

E: Emotion
- I laughed out loud (three times a week and more).
- I did my hobby for more than an hour (once a week and more).
- I meditated for more than 5 min with my eyes closed (twice a week and more).

Ticked 0–3 items: Needs improvement / Ticked 4–6 items: So-so / Ticked 7–9 items: Good / Ticked 10–13 items: Very good
Building good habits in your daily life goes a long way toward keeping your brain healthy. Therefore, check what you need to improve and work hard to keep your brain healthy and young.