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[November 2017] How to Warm Your Cold Hands and Feet Up
Date 11-14-2017 10:27 Hit209

How to Warm Your Cold Hands and Feet Up

When it becomes colder and the temperature drops, you will hear many people complain about their cold hands and feet. It is a condition that causes occasional coldness in the extremities, hands and feet to the extent that it can cause mild pain. Because cold hands and feet are caused by many factors, they are difficult to completely cure. Let us learn more about cold hands and feet and how to alleviate them. 

If you find yourself constantly suffering from a cold sensation in your hands and feet even when it is not too cold, you might have this ailment. When it becomes cold, your blood vessels constrict, which reduces your blood flow and causes your hands and feet to become cold. Having cold hands and feet is not a serious illness, but it is such a common ailment that as many as 12% of the total population is affected by it. Women with fewer muscles than men experience this condition more often.

A major cause of cold hands and feet is the Raynaud’s phenomenon. It is a condition that causes your blood vessels to constrict more than usual when you are exposed to cold weather for a prolonged period or when you are undergoing excessive stress. Under the Raynaud’s phenomenon, the tips of your hands become pale and then bluish over time before finally becoming reddish, itchy, and painful. Constricted blood vessels are usually alleviated after 10–15 minutes, but they leave irregular red spots and pain.

To warm your cold hands and feet up, you need to take extra care to keep your entire body warm and not just your hands and feet. It is better to wear multiple layers of thin and loose clothes instead of wearing a thick, heavy coat. Before you go outside on a cold day, prepare other heating gears such as a cap, an ear cover, gloves, and boots to prevent the loss of body heat. It is also important to keep your body and mind calm and peaceful. Moving around outside, including doing regular exercises, stretching, and other activities can also help you stay warm. 

A foot spa and a massage can also alleviate cold hands and feet as they increase blood circulation. A foot spa warms your feet up and stimulates blood flow in your entire body. The temperature of the water used in a foot spa should be slightly higher than your body temperature. When you dip your feet in warm water, gently move your ankles to boost your blood circulation.

A massage helps your blood circulation by directly stimulating your muscles. Here are some tips for massaging your foot. Press the outside of your foot with your thumb and index finger. Then, hold the top of your foot with a hand and your heel with another hand. Pull your foot toward your knee to stretch it gently. Then, rub the sole of your foot with the palm of your hand.