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[August 2017] Planning to Have Fun in the Water? Here Are Some Safety Tips
Date 08-08-2017 13:53 Hit227

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Planning to Have Fun in the Water? Here Are Some Safety Tips

The season is back. With unending heat waves continuing day in and day out, people are finally leaving their work and getting ready to take exciting vacations on beaches or in river valleys. While playing in the water is often the best way to forget about summer heat, the number of drowning-caused deaths and injuries is also at its peak around this time of the year. In fact, over 300 people die in drowning every year. To have fun yet remain safe on vacations, it is, therefore, critical to heed some safety tips.

[Safety Tips for Swimming]

• Sudden cramps in the arms or legs can be a cause of panic and even drowning. Before diving into water, make sure you do some warm-up exercises and wear a life jacket.
• Do not jump into the water all at once. Cool down the temperature of your body first by dipping your body parts far from the heart, such as your legs, arms, and face.
• If you feel a chill or a tension in your skin while swimming or playing in the water, get out of water and warm yourself up. Take enough rest before going back into water.
• Beware the hidden and uneven bottoms of natural bodies of water, which can take unexpected and sudden depths.
• If you have no experience with rescuing anyone out of water, do not attempt to save a person from drowning yourself.
• If you spot a person drowning, call for help. Refrain from diving into the water yourself unless you have good swimming and rescuing skills.
• Even if you are confident in your swimming ability, make sure you make good use of the available resources around, such as tubes, Styrofoam panels, or wooden poles, in rescuing a drowning person.
• If you are under the weather, feeling particularly hungry, or have just had a meal, refrain from swimming.
• Do not take excess confidence in your swimming ability.
• Do not stay in the water for extended periods. Do not swim in natural bodies of water, such as rivers or lakes, by yourself.

[Safety Tips for Playing in the Water]

• Do warm-up exercises first, and go into the water slowly first by dipping your feet and legs. Make sure your body temperature adjusts to that of water before you dive in.

• Drowning can happen even in seemingly or actually shallow waters.
※ Kids can be especially vulnerable, even in knee-deep waters, after they slide down water slides. Make sure adults are always watching and standing on guard to rescue children.

• Avoid swimming under a boat or any other large object. It can be extremely dangerous.
※ If you have breathed and your lungs are filled with air, you may not be able to escape from under a boat because your body tries to remain afloat. In such a case, exhale the air out of your lungs. Your body will naturally begin to sink, giving you more room to move and swim.

• Do not venture far on water on a buoy, tube, or log of wood.
※ Your hands might slip off such buoyant devices, leaving you desperate for help.

• Do not fake drowning or fake-call for help while playing in the water.
※ Your prank could desensitize people around to actual drowning.

• Enjoy playing or swimming in the water only until your body permits.
※ Going 50 meters in the water by butterfly stroke can make you feel as tired as running 250 meters on land at full speed.

• Do not swim with gum or food in your mouth.
※ It could plug your airway and cause you to suffocate.

• The ideal temperature of water to swim in is 25℃ to 26℃.

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