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4 I saw an ad about a special event on a VMK social media site. Where can I view other ads on such events?
VMK organizes a wide range of special events for medical tourists in partnership with the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI). You can go to the ● VMK Home > Useful Info > Events to view currently ongoing events.
3 I like the postings on the VMK website about tourism destinations and medical information. Can I edit them and republish them on my personal blogs or social media accounts?
You may repost the postings from the VMK website insofar as you indicate the source. You may not use these postings for commercial purposes. Neither may you revise or alter the content of such postings.
2 Can the VMK website refer me to an expert who I can talk to either over the telephone or via instant messaging regarding receiving medical care and tourism in Korea?
Medical Tourism Information Center provides real-time and instant consultation for all who are interested in medical tourism in Korea. ● VMK Home > Support > Medical Tourism Information Center > Medical Tourism Information Center (KTO) - Provides information on hospitals, clinics, and facilitators, as well as tourism and accommodations ● VMK Home > Support > Medical Tourism Information Center > Medical Korea Information Cent..
1 I would like to update my personal information. Where should I go?
You can update your personal information below after entering your password. ● VMK Home > Login > My Page > My Posts > Member information