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6 Plastic surgery Will I face any problems in receiving medical services if I can't speak Korean?
Seoul Medical Tourism Alliance and the medical institutes listed on this site have been registered as agencies that seek to attract foreign patients, as they have full-time interpreters and coordinators who are fluent in foreign languages. Furthermore, an increasing number of clinics and hospitals are equipped with medical coordinators who can speak foreign languages. In the case of general hospitals, many of them have international medical cente..
5 Plastic surgery What can I do if my surgery went wrong?
If you experience any problems after your surgery, you can receive help from the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency (www.k-medi.or.kr). This agency helps to facilitate agreement between the interested two parties through consultation and arbitration on medical disputes. However, prevention remains the best policy. After a detailed consultation with your doctor, it is very important to carefully check the surgery consent form b..
4 Plastic surgery How much will medical costs be?
You can view rough estimates of cosmetic surgery on the following page (http://bit.ly/1Xsybv9). Some institutions within the Seoul Medical Tourism Alliance disclose treatment costs on their micro-site as well. However, in the case of medical tourism products, it is not possible to inform you of exact costs, because even the same kind of surgery may require a different aspect or process of the surgery and may need other kinds of surgery depending ..
3 Plastic surgery Where can I find more information on accommodations, restaurants, and tourist attractions in Seoul?
Please visit the site: visitseoul.net. This is Seoul’s official tourism information site which provides everything needed for planning a trip to our city. VisitSeoul.net offers any information related to Seoul. The website also provides information on attractions, restaurants, accommodations, performances, as well as expert columns, e-guidebooks and other services.
2 Plastic surgery What is the Seoul Medical Tourism Alliance?
The 2015-2016 Seoul Medical Tourism Alliance is Seoul’s medical tourism body consisting of 50 medical institutions which have been used by many foreign patients and have been undergoing a variety of efforts to attract foreign patients and have been carefully selected from the medical industry in Seoul after being thoroughly evaluated by experts from the medical tourism field. The current Seoul Medical Tourism Alliance, which has been select..
1 Plastic surgery Where is medicaltourseoul.com operated out of?
The MedicalTourSeoul.com is the official Seoul medical tourism website and is being managed by the Seoul Tourism Organization Marketing Division. The Seoul Tourism Organization's Marketing division is responsible for any pr and marketing-related tasks in seoul.