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24 How can I apply for “Tour Programs for International Patients & Families”?
“Tour Programs for International Patients & Families” offers single-day guided trips for international patients and their accompanying family members visiting Korea for medical purposes. It is a great way to explore Korea in a short amount of time. Ask the coordinator or tour operator at your hospital in order to participate in the program. View Program and contact information in detail >> http://english.visitmedicalkorea...
23 I want to know more about wellness tourism destinations in Korea.
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization list wellness tourism destinations providing unique services and experiences under four categories, i.e., Beauty/Spa, Traditional Medicine, Nature/Forest, and Healing/Meditation. Go to ● VMK Home >> Wellness Korea to access and download information, brochures, and maps on wellness destinations by category.
22 I am transferring flights at Incheon International Airport. Can I use Korean medical services while waiting for my transfer?
Incheon is a major city in Korea that is home to Incheon International Airport and the Incheon Port. International tourists can access and obtain medical services they need from hospitals and clinics in Incheon without having to travel to other parts of Korea. Incheon offers a broad array of medical institutions, including JCI-certified higher-level general hospitals, as well as hospitals and clinics offering physical checkups, plastic and cosmet..
21 I would like to know if there are other medical tourism information centers in the regions of Korea outside Seoul.
Each regional government in Korea has its own medical tourism information center for the convenience of international tourists. ● VMK Home > Support > Medical Tourism Information Center > Regional Medical Tourism Centers
20 I saw an ad about a special event on a VMK social media site. Where can I view other ads on such events?
VMK organizes a wide range of special events for medical tourists in partnership with the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI). You can go to the ● VMK Home > Useful Info > Events to view currently ongoing events.
19 I like the postings on the VMK website about tourism destinations and medical information. Can I edit them and republish them on my personal blogs or social media accounts?
You may repost the postings from the VMK website insofar as you indicate the source. You may not use these postings for commercial purposes. Neither may you revise or alter the content of such postings.
18 Can the VMK website refer me to an expert who I can talk to either over the telephone or via instant messaging regarding receiving medical care and tourism in Korea?
Medical Tourism Information Center provides real-time and instant consultation for all who are interested in medical tourism in Korea. ● VMK Home > Support > Medical Tourism Information Center > Medical Tourism Information Center (KTO) - Provides information on hospitals, clinics, and facilitators, as well as tourism and accommodations ● VMK Home > Support > Medical Tourism Information Center > Medical Korea Information Cent..
17 We are a travel agency operating outside Korea. We are interested in forming a partnership with Visit Medical Korea and/or hospitals in Korea.
If you are looking for partnership opportunities with hospitals and facilitators in Korea, please contact them directly. You can see the list of hospitals, clinics, and facilitators open to international patients in Korea on our website. ● VMK Home > Medical Korea > Registered Providers > Hospitals/Facilitators For hospitals and facilitators boasting of superior service and care for international patients, visit: ● VMK Home > Medica..
16 I am scheduled to receive treatment in Korea. I would like to get information on the lodging options I have.
Click the link below to see information provided by the KTO on available accommodations by region and type. http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/ACM/ACM_MAIN.jsp Visit Korea, the official website of KTO, provides a wide range of information on tourism in Korea. Please visit: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto
15 I received cosmetic surgery in Korea. Where can I get the tax refund?
The value-added tax refunds for cosmetic surgery are available to non-Korean nationals who have received surgery or procedures priced at KRW 30,000 or more each from a hospital or a clinic registered for the tax refund service. For more information, please visit: ● VMK Home > Support > Cosmetic Surgery Tax Refund For information on the list of hospitals and clinics participating in the tax refund service, the documents required for refun..