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Notice [KHIDI]  Current Status of Response to COVID-19 and Future Plans attached file
Ⅰ. Current Status of Outbreaks of Confirmed Cases 1 Ⅱ. Korea's Competence in the Fight Against COVID-19 3 Ⅲ. Infection Control Activities and Measures 5 1. Prevention of Entry and Spread 6 2. Establishment of Patient Management System 8 3. Realignment of Healthcare Institution Use System 11 4. Measures for Virus Spread Prevention 12 5. Pan-Governmental Cooperation and Public Communication 14 6. Special Infection C..
Notice [KTO]  Notice of Visit Medical Korea Homepage Privacy Policy Change attached file
Visit Medical Korea Homepage Privacy Policy will be changed (as of June 25, 2019). - Change: Part of Article 2 (Personal Information Items to Be Processed) was deleted. - Deleted content: ※ The following items of personal information may be automatically generated and collected in the course of using web services. If a user refuses to give consent to the collection of such information, the user may not use the services: - IP address, cookies, M..
Notice [KTO]  Check Out the Renewal List of Registered Providers for International Patients
We are pleased to inform you of the new service available now in visitmedicalkorea.com (VMK), jointly operated by the Korea Tourism Organization and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute. The Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea has recently reinforced the requirements for the registration of medical institutions authorized to accommodate international patients in an effort to improve the safety and convenience of international ..
Notice [KHIDI]  Information about Cosmetic Surgery Tax Refund attached file
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92 [KTO]  COVID-19 and Safe Trevel Guide 2
91 [KTO]  COVID-19 and Safe Trevel Guide
90 [KTO]  Corona-19 Prevention guidelines10
89 [KTO]  If you have Corona 19 symptoms, please keep 10 guidelines
88 [KTO]  Pregnant women, elderly aged 65 or above, and chronically ill patients are more ...
87 [KTO]  About SGBAC (Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center) attached file
CONTENTS 01 About Us 04 02 Location 0 8 03 Executive Terminal 12 04 Maintenance Service 14 05 Hangar 15 06 Spacious Parking Stands 16 07 Sufficient Slot Capacity 17 08 Agents & Handlers 18 09 SGBAC Usage Fees 19 10 Seoul-The Beloved World City 20
86 [KHIDI]  cope with stress during the quarantine.
85 [KHIDI]  6 steps to proper handwashing
84 [KHIDI]  COVID-19 – Correct methods of wearing a mask
83 [KHIDI]  COVID-19 notice update 2