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Medical Tour Packages

[Specialized]Health RIBBON
Linkage with suitable hospital and medical staff for sever disease patients from overseas through remote medical examination system
Experience Korea’s representative global firms with medical check-up

Medical tourism products information

  • Package NameHealth RIBBON
  • Targeted CountriesRussia and CIS, VIETNAM, U.S.A, CHINA, JAPAN
  • Consulting agencyGoryeo Healthcare Tour Development Inc.
  • HospitalGangnam Severance Hospital, Seoul st. Mary’s Hospital, Busan Haeundae Paik Hospital, Bucheon Sooncheonhyang Hospital
  • Medical SubjectSevere treatment + procedure + surgery + long stay
  • Tourist Spot-
  • Accommodation-
  • Itinerary-
  • Cost2,000,000won(KRW) PLUS ~ (Cost depends on diseases)
  • Included in the costConsultation is needed
  • Not included in the costConsultation is needed
  • Remarks-

Consulting agency information

Gangnam Jaseng hospital of oriental medicine
  • Consulting agencyGoryeo Healthcare Tour Development Inc.
  • AddressBI-10 Haeundae Paik Hospital Haeundae ro Haeundae gu Pusan
  • Phone+82-51-807-8217
  • FAX+82-51-807-6900
  • Website-http://www.koreamtd.com/
  • Consulting Time09:00~18:00
  • Consultant
  • Consultant

Hospital Information

Gangnam Jaseng hospital of oriental medicine
Gangnam Jaseng hospital of oriental medicine
Gangnam Jaseng hospital of oriental medicine

Treatment introduction

Package : Health RIBBON


Linkage with suitable hospital and medical staff for sever disease patients from overseas through remote medical examination system

⇒ remote medical examination through internet between medical staff in Korea and the foreign patients overseas

⇒ recommendation of medical institutions and staff


Collaborating hospitals : Gangnam Severance hospital, Seoul st. Mary’s hospital, Busan Haeundae Paik hospital, Bucheon Sooncheonhyang hospital


Medical tourism Schedule

Medical tourism Schedule
Date Detail Schedule
Day 1

Arrival / Hospital


Day 2



Day 3



Day 4



Day 5



Day 6

Depending on the patients’ condition


After surgery and discharge, Go on a tour of Korean tourist attractions

Business performance


Invited 20 doctors from Russia where there is no direct flight to Korea FAM tour of 5 university hospitals in Korea (Seoul, Busan, and Gangwon) Tour experience workshop and observe surgeries & operations at hospitals Received appreciation plaque as a token of gratitude



Dariana who was suffering from incurable disease was able to receive medical treatment in Korea after Korea tourism organization heard about the poor girl’s situation and requested help from Catholic university st. Mary’s hospital . With gratitude for the excellent medical treatment, Dariana’s father has written a thank-you letter to Goryeo agency, the hospital, and the Korea tourism organization.


Children who could not afford medical treatment in Vietnam has received operations in Korea with the help from Haeundae Baik hospital and Korea toursim organization.


Last April, my wife and I received health check-up at Haeundae Baik hospital. In fact, I was scheduled to receive medical screening at the heart center in Khabarovsk. However when my friend Fyodor showed a video clip on Haeundae Baik hospital, a collaborating hospital with Goryeo agency, I changed my mind and decided to go to Korea. We arrived at Busan and the coordinators from the agency greeted us very warmly. They also cared for us 24hours whenever we requested. All throughout the stay in Korea the staff of the agency was a great help for us. As a foreigner to a new country, we ought to have felt some loneliness but thanks to the coordinators we felt no such thing and felt welcomed.


We felt relieved while receiving the check-up. We went through many screening in Russia, but I realized the precise condition of my body after the check-up in Korea.


Moreover I really appreciate the efforts of Korean doctors who have successfully performed heart surgery on my wife. I will always remember the kind faces of medical staff in Haeundae Baik hospital.


Busan Haeundae Baik hospital is located not far from the far east of Russia which makes it highly accessible by the people of Khabarovsk. I will talk about this beautiful country and its kind people when I go back to my homeland.


Voloza & Anna Struchkova

Price : 2,000,000 won(KRW) PLUS ~

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We introduce hospitals and medical facilities to patients but not offer medical services.Therefore we do not undertake responsibility of medical information or medical services provided by medical facilities.