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Medical Tour Packages

[Specialized]Artificial hip joint replacement
Artificial hip joint replacement surgery is a highly advanced procedure which involves transferring the damaged hip joint (broken bone or other diseases) with artificial joint.
Experience Korea’s representative global firms with medical check-up

Medical tourism product Information

  • Package NameArtificial hip joint replacement
  • Targeted CountriesRussia & CIS
  • Consulting agencyMJ RUSSKO
  • HospitalBitgoeul Jeonnam university hospital
  • Medical SubjectArtificial hip joint replacement (1~2 weeks)
  • Tourist Spot1) Hwasoon Unju temple
    2) Suncheon Bay Eco Center
    3) Suncheon Nakan castle folk village
    4) Bosung green tea farm
  • Accommodation-
  • ItineraryArtificial hip joint replacement (1~2 weeks)
    - surgical time : 1~2 hrs
    - 7 days of hospitalization after surgery (rehabilitation)
    - walking possible after 1~2 days
  • Cost14 million won(KRW) (for each side)
  • Included in the cost surgery fees, hospitalization cost (2weeks, single room), hospital meal for foreigners, pre-surgery basic check-up (blood test, X-ray, ECG, PFT)
  • Not included in the cost MRI, CT, etc. other check-ups
  • Remarks-

Consulting agency Information

Gangnam Jaseng hospital of oriental medicine
  • Consulting agencyMJ RUSSKO inc.
  • Address: Myeongdong Seoul
  • CEOPark Geun-Woo
  • Phone+82-62-371-9791
  • FAX+82-62-372-9791
  • Websitehttp://mjrussko.com/
  • Consulting Time9:00am~6:00pm (Mon~Fri)
  • consultant
  • consultant

Hospital Information

Gangnam Jaseng hospital of oriental medicine

Treatment introduction

Artificial hip joint replacement


Artificial hip joint replacement surgery is a highly advanced procedure which involves transferring the damaged hip joint (broken bone or other diseases) with artificial joint. This treatment eliminates the pain and maintains stability in the hip joint while restoring activity and correcting deformations. Through this surgery, patients can expect recovery back to pleasant and painless life through improved joint movements and replacing the old, ailing joint.


Bitgoeul Jeonnam university hospital

Minimum cost

knee arthroplasty (one side)

13 mill won ~

knee arthroplasty (both sides)

19 mill won ~

patellar ligament surgery

12 mill won ~

arthroscopy (knee)

5 mill won ~

hip arthroplasty (one side)

14 mill won ~

hip arthroplasty (both sides)

20 mill won ~

arthroscopic excision (hip joint)

5.5 mill won ~


* Including single room and hospital meals for foreigners.

* This cost is minimum cost. The additional fees vary depending on the patient condition (underlying disease, blood transfusion, postoperative complication)

Best case

“It feels like a dream that I can walk again only 4 days after my surgery.”


“It feels like a dream that I can walk again only 4 days after my surgery. I am astonished at the excellent medical treatment of Korea.” exclaims Rahimov Saidalim Anbarobich (62), a doctor from Uzbekistan’s capital, Tashkent. He expressed gratitude numerous times to the Hwasoon Jeonnam university hospital for the fine medical treatment.

He received his surgery as a part of ‘sharing medical services’ program led by professor Yoon Tak-Lim, the director of joint center in Hwansoon Jeonnam university hospital.

During his stay in Uzbekistan, he demonstrated the advanced medical technology of Korea performing 3 counts of hip joint surgeries at the ‘Uzbekistan #1 hospital’.

Professor Yoon holds numerous patents regarding hip joint surgery methods and has performed over 9,000 surgeries.

Mr. Napas comments “Normally, after hip joint surgery in Uzbekistan, it takes about 2 weeks to be able to walk again and even then the activities are very limited. But after Mr. Yoon’s artificial hip joint surgery, it only took 2~3 days to freely walk again with a stroller. It’s amazing.”

“Uzbekistan and other Siberian areas in Russia has a vast population with high income, but the medical service is very poor. There are also quite a lot of hip joint patients which makes the exportation of medical treatment from Korea very promising.” claims Professor Yoon.

The hospital has plans to open a local clinic in Uzbekistan and in Russia.

Through these efforts, the hospital was ranked 1st for the increase rate of foreign patient numbers. The hospital received JCI certification which is the first one to be given to a national university hospital. With the global competitiveness the hospital currently possesses, the center expects more patients from overseas and spur more to find new source of demands in medical tourism, the new future.


Medical tourism Schedule

Medical tourism Schedule
Date Detail Schedule
Day 1

registration & pre-surgery check up, hospitalization


Day 2

artificial hip joint replacement surgery


Day 3~7

progress observation & rehabilitation


Day 8

discharge depending on patient condition



Price : 14,000,000 won(KRW) ~

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