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Medical Tour Packages

[Specialized]MizMedi Women’s Infertility Check-up
anthropometry examination, body composition analysis, ophthalmology(intraocular pressure , fundus oculi, eyesight), audiometry , pulmonary function test
Experience Korea’s representative global firms with medical check-up

Medical tourism products information

  • Package NameMizMedi Women’s Infertility Check-up
  • Targeted CountriesEnglish-speaking countries, Russia, Japan
  • Consulting agencyAscle InterMed Co., Ltd.
  • HospitalMizMedi Women’s Hospital Seoul, Korea
  • Medical SubjectInfertility Check-up
  • Tourist Spot1) Seoul Night Limousine Tour
    2) Korean Wave Tour-Experience of recording room at Midas Music
    3) Korean Wave Tour-Experience of Korean Traditional House with actor Jaemin-Ahn
    4)Experience Korean Traditional Fortune-telling
  • Accommodation-
  • Itinerary-
  • CostMizReady Check Up -Examination for Women (Cost: 614,940won(KRW))
    Couple fertility screening (iDream- Intensive checkup(Male & Female)(Cost: 1,537,000won(KRW)~2,049,800won(KRW) )
  • Included in the cost-
  • Not included in the cost-
  • Remarks-

Consulting agency information

Gangnam Jaseng hospital of oriental medicine
  • Consulting agencyAscle InterMed Co.,Ltd
  • Address102 ,Bongunsa-ro 44 gil 31, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • CEOHwang Lee
  • Phone+82-2-3447-3721
  • FAX+82-2-3447-9667
  • Websitewww.ascleintermed.com
  • Consulting Time9:00a.m.~6:00p.m. (Mon~Fri)
  • Consultant
  • Consultant

Hospital Information

Gangnam Jaseng hospital of oriental medicine

Treatment introduction


Package #1 : MizReady Check Up -Examination for Women (Cost: 614,940 KRW)


1.Cervical Cancer Screening Test (PAP)

2.Obstetric Ultrasound(Pelvic Sono)

3.Breast Ultrasound+Thyroid Ultrasound


* Fasting not required, Result within the day(biopsy excluded), including consultation fees



Package #2 : Couple fertility screening (iDream- Intensive checkup(Male & Female)(Cost: 1,537,000KRW~2,049,800KRW )


(1) (Female) Consultation Fee, (Fallopian Tube Screening), Uterine Cancer Checkup, Blood Test, Hormone Test, Ultrasound

(2) (Male) Consultation Fee, Examination of Semen, Semen intensive antibody check-up, Urology ultrasound, Blood Test, Hormone Test

Consultation & Examination possible at 2~3 days into menstruation / Individual check-up (Male & Female) possible


Tour program introduction

Tour program introduction
Option Detail

Korean Wave Tour -Visit recording studio(Midas Music)


Take a tour around the recording studio and the dance practice room of the agency where Korean rookie hip-hop duo ‘Unclound’ currently is staying.


Korean Wave Tour-Visit Korean Traditional House with actor, An-Jae min


After experiencing Korean cuisine at the traditional ‘Korean house’, couple photo shoot with Korean celebrity Ahn Jae-Min, the winner of “Han-ryu rookie award’ will be ready for you along with Korean traditional clothings, Han bok.


Experience Korean traditional fortunetelling


40-year experienced fortuneteller reads your luck of the year, located in front of Ewha women’s university which is well-known as a power spot that brings luck and wealth.


Seoul Night view Limousine Tour

Price : 620,000 won(KRW)~

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