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WE Hospital was established in 2014 as the “first-of-its-kind” healthcare resort in Korea, combining a top-class (five-star) hotel, a hospital and a wellness services. By merging the aspects of the hospitality services provided in the five-star hotel, a variety of aqua therapies using water that contains different types of minerals, forest therapy held in the most-preserved forest on the middle-mountain area of Halla Mountain, and professional healthcare services, WE Hospital pursues well-aging services that is more than just a medical treatment but healthcare services that enables our patient to live a healthier and more energetic life.

To fully provide the services above, WE Hospital runs Health Promotion Center and Beauty Center, which has various medical programs for the inner health and outer beauty, respectively. Also, WE have other programs in place for special purposes, which are linked with the wellness program.

[Facial Aesthetics]

• By combining skin care, whitening and facial lift, the Facial Aesthetics program works on the hypodermis and superficial fascia, without irritating the epidermis, to help reproduce collagen fibers, which effectively improves the skin texture and skin tone, tightens the skin, cleanses skin impurities, and relieves fatigue.

[Body Shaping]

• With a non-contacting body contouring device and thermotherapy, the Body Shaping program has powerful effects on obese body parts and increases the core temperature to boost the immune system. Along with a myriad of effects such as a tightened skin, a zero-waste skin, detoxication, and anti-aging, this immunity-improving body-contouring program also comes with an injection therapy that effectively reduces body fat, which dramatically maximizes its effects. 

[Body Correction]

• Through consultation and body measurement, a professional medical team will find out the exact aching part and its cause, and prescribe proper medical therapy and exercise together. This combined prescription not only eliminates the root cause of the pain, but also corrects the patient’s body postures through contraction and relaxation of muscles and joints, which restores the body to its best condition.

In addition, WE Hospital runs programs for special purposes including detox, wellness and dieting.
Also, Health Promotion Center provides special medical tests that are not included in regular medical check-ups – Heavy Metal Mineral Test, Food Allergy Test, Organic Acid Test, Active Oxygen-Antioxidative Activity Test, Infrared Body Heat Test, Circulatory Infection Test, Ointment and Gene Test – and customized healthcare programs such as Light Quantum Therapy, Whole Body Hyperthermia, Blood Vessel Detoxication Therapy and Nutritional Supplement Therapy.
Beauty Center has Slimming Program (a non-surgical body contouring program), Lipo Program (a surgical body contouring program), Lifting Program, anti-aging programs that use ultrasonic waves and surgical treatments, and other surgical/non-surgical programs.

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