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One on One personalized service
Pre-consultation for treatment via E-mail
Guest House (2 Rooms, Bathroom, Kitchen)
Free Pick up service (Airport ⇆ Hospital)

1. The best and the largest medical network in korea, Catholic Medical Center
2. Good surgery hospital in five major cancer
: by Ministry of Health and Welfare
by Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service
- Stomach cancer, Liver cancer, Breast cancer, Lung cancer, Colon cancer

Best regional emergency medical center
3. Global Hospital International Accreditation Evaluation approved by AAHRPP
: The Association For The Accreditation Of Human Research Protection Program
From Full certification(Full Accreditation)
4. A new standard of cancer treatment
- the hospital is currently running a 'Medical Staff Cooperating Center'
- 9 medical staff members with more than 10-year experiences from eight
departments discuss and set up a patient's best cure plan
- Lung cancer, thyroid, joint, chest pain
5. Specialized Medical Equipment
- Cutting-edge treatment system
- Linear Accelerator by Elekta(Sweden)
- Digital angiography system - 3 SET
- MRI 3.OT
- CT 128CH
6. The Exclusively 3 Days Check up Program for Foreigner
- International Medical center Dr. who has Korea & Russia Dr. Licence both

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The Catholic Univ. of KOREA, Bucheon St.Mary’s Hospital