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- SNS : www.facebook.com/shestalk
- SHE’S Plastic Surgery offers perfect translation services and issues documents in different languages if needed. The price of medical treatments is the same for both korean and foreign customers. Tax free service is offered as well.

SHE’S Plastic Surgery is located on Gwangbok street in Busan. It was first founded in 2000. This year SHE’S celebrated it’s 18 year anniversary. It is a plastic surgery clinic with a certified plastic surgeons and 20 staff members.
With the help of internal infrastructure SHE’S Plastic Surgery has been attracting foreign customers for 10 years. The staff is in charge of doing promotions for the purpose of attracting foreign customers and interacting with them, providing interpretation services and assisting with post operation treatments.
The cost of operations in the same for both local and foreign customers. We would like to express our gratitude to our loyal foreign customers who strongly believe and support us

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