Available Non-Medical Service Medical Service

English, Chinese, Russian, Mongolian

Direct-Billing Service

– Bupa Insurance, Daman - UAE
– International SOS, CIGNA, Aetna - USA
– MSH - China


Airport ↔ Hospital, Hotel ↔ Hospital



Other Services

– Coordinators service , Foreign language medical report for check-up
– Pick-up service , Cost estimates for anticipated treatment
– Processing of medical second opinions
– Special dietary needs / religious arrangements

"Provide the best care possible for each and every patient without limit."

Sun Medical Center has been in operation for over 50 years, and from inception, the primary goal of the hospital has focused on providing pleasant experiences to patients throughout the stay in the hospital. currently operates 2 General Hospitals, 1 Dental Hospital and the International Healthcare Center, For Foreign patients, We have full-time coordinators that are fully responsible for every foreign patient.

The number of foreign patients exceeded 6,000 in 2016.

1. Sun International Healthcare Center :

1) 5-star hotel standard facilities
2) Over 200 up-to-date examination equipment
3) Cooperating system of specialists for medical examination in each department

2. Spine & Joint Center :

1) 50-year know-how for Orthopedics
2) Collaboration treatment system, specialized treatment for spine, joint, hand, foot, pediatric orthopedics and boon tumor.

3. Sun Dental Hospital :

1) Korea's Largest Private Integrated Dental Hospital
2) Establishment of digital dental system to provide the high quality service.

4. Gynecologic Cancer Center :

1) Laparoscopic surgery for uterine, ovarian cancer and uterine myoma.
2) LEER surgery(Laterally Expended Endopelvic Resection)

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