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International Healthcare Center is the starting point for all expatriates and international patients who plan to receive medical care at AMC. It serves as a primary care clinic and an administrative office. Its experienced staff members coordinate various services to help patients through all phases of their visit. These services include customized scheduling, language assistance, and financial counseling as well as billing services.

Established in 1989 by Asan Ju-Yung Chung(1915-2001), founder of the Hyundai Group and Asan Foundation, Asan Medical Center provides an optimal treatment system with cutting-edge medical equipment based on advanced medical practices. We serve an average population of 11,862 outpatients and 2,557 inpatients daily, performing 63,791 sophisticated surgeries per year. It is Korea’s largest and most advanced hospital with 27 Specialized Centers, 44 departments and 2,704 beds.

Asan Cancer Institute

• Personalized cancer treatment based on world-class clinical experience
• Multi-department integrated treatment system providing optimal treatment for patients
• High-level cancer operation experience: Ranked No. 1 Korea for 9 out of 10 types of cancer operations

Asan Heart Institute

• 98% Success rate in coronary intervention (1-year survival rate)
• World’s first Left Main Coronary Artery Intervention
• First in Asia to complete 100 cases of TAVI(Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) in 2013

Asan Organ Transplantation Center

• Holds world record for over 5,700 Liver Transplants and over 4,700 Living Donor Liver Transplantations
• Over 95% success rate(1-year survival rate) for liver, kidney, heart and pancreas transplants
• Responsible for over 60% of all heart and pancreas transplant procedures executed in Korea


• 52 highly ranked physicians - 16 fields of specialties
• 210 Health Screening Professionals
• Detailed and specialized online medical survey
• Computerized guiding system (less wait time)
• 1-day comprehensive screening available
• Specialized and detailed medical consultation
• Rapid medical treatment connection system upon positive screening of cancer or other diseases
• Dedicated advanced aquipment

- Gastroscope, Colon Endoscope
- Echocardiography, Ergocardiography & Arteriosclerosis
- Abdominal, Thyroid and Carotid ultrasonography
- Breast, Pelvic and Prostate ultrasonography

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