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For more than a century, Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) has been the pioneer of western medicine in Korea, and has cared the health of Korean citizens, playing its role of the nation’s central hospital. With over 1,770 beds, SNUH provides reliable top-quality medical service to over 8,500 outpatients and about 1,700 inpatients every day.

SNUH has also transformed the facility into a digital hospital with new IT (information technology) infrastructures in 2004. SNUH is consisted with main hospital, children’s hospital, cancer hospital, and biomedical research institute with over 560 medical professors and about 5,400 staff members. In 2011, the hospital received from Korea’s Ministry of Health & Welfare. Also, SNUH was selected as the no. 1 hospital for maintaining for the 18th consecutive year in 2018.

SNUH leads Korean medical field as education hospital for training doctors to become specialists and as research centered hospital for publishing approximately 2,500 articles in world’s prominent SCI journals every year.

International Healthcare Center(IHC) was expanded in 2010 and it provides One-stop service including guidance & interpretation service to international patients.

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