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  • Tami Plastic Surgery • Laser Center Tami Plastic Surgery • Laser Center

    ‘Tami’ is a Korean word for ‘desirable,’ ‘envious,’ or ‘wannabe’: Tami Plastic Surgery Clinic supports natural beauty envied by everyone. Why Tami? The Eight Reasons: 1. Officially registered as the ‘Promotion Agency for Foreign Patients’ by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea. 2. A leading plastic surgery clinic registered in Incheon Medical Tourism Foundation 3. The largest plastic surgery clinics in Incheon, with latest medical devices. 4. Specialized experts in eyes, nose, breasts, facial contouring, fat grafting/aspiration, etc. 5. Skin/Obesity Clinic with state-or-art laser equipment. 6. Guaranteed safety with In-house anesthesiologist. 7. Professionally trained staff members. 8. One of top plastic surgeons with many years of experience in Seoul Gangnam’s beauty district.

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  • Nasaret International Hospital Nasaret International Hospital

    Nasaret International Hospital was founded based on Nasaret Oriental Hospital which was established with Cooperative Treatment System of Modern · Oriental · Integrated Functional Medicine in 1980. General Hospital NIH provides emergency treatment · surgery · rehabilitation treatment for treatment in one place through specialized cooperative treatment of Modern · Oriental · Integrated Functional Medicine. NIH delivers accurate early detection of disease through advanced medical equipment such as MRI, 64-channel MDCT, ultrasonography, Olympus endoscope and also leads patient-centered treatment system with integrated medical information system including OCS (Order-Communicating System), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and EMRS (Electronic Medical Record System). With specialized medical team, most advanced medical equipment, reliable system and hospitable service curing mind, NIH would be trustworthy partner of people suffering from diseases.

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  • The catholic univ, of Korea Incheon st Mary's Hospital The catholic univ, of Korea Incheon st Mary's Hospital

    The Catholic University of Incheon St. Mary’s Hospital is the first University Hospital established in Incheon in 1955 with 17 specialized centers and 33 clinical departments. In particular, the hospital was ranked as a first-class hospital for cranial nerve and cardiovascular fields as well as the first-class hospital of cancer treatment, such as gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, etc. Our hospital has clarified its position as a specialized hospital for cancer. Incheon St. Mary’s Hospital with the clinical experiences accumulated for the past 60 years has been attaining eminence nationally as well as locally by disseminating advanced medical technologies. In addition, coordinators, in charge of Russian and English-speaking countries at the International Health Care Center of Catholic University of Incheon St. Mary’s Hospital, do their best by offering various services as well as interpretation services, which are needed for cooperative work with other overseas medical institutions and medical treatments for patients. Furthermore, our hospital introduced cancer treatment equipment, “Tomo Therapy”, for the first time ever in Korea. As well, the hospital has been solidifying its status as specialized hospital for severe diseases treatments by paving the way for cancer treatment without pain with the introduction of Novalis and Clinac.

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We introduce hospitals and medical facilities to patients but not offer medical services. Therefore we do not undertake responsibility of medical information or medical services provided by medical facilities.