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  • Dongguk university medical center Dongguk university medical center

    Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center is a hospital founded by Dongguk University which has maintained a 100 year tradition and is fully prepared for the next 100 years. It is also a state-of-the-art digital hospital where the West meets the East to open up a new path in the field through its incessant committment and research. With the opening in 2005, the Ilsan hospital established an integrated medical information system that combines Western medicine with Oriental medicine for the first time in the world. The hospital now operates 33 departments, 47 specialized clinics and 11 specialized centers. By opening the Research Institute of Medical Sciences in 2006 and the Clinical Trial Center in 2008, the hospital is also contributing to the development of healthcare and medicine. The first successful cochlear implant surgery and the first axillary approach endoscopic thyroidectomy, which is effective therapeutically and esthetically, were performed in northern Gyeonggi in 2007. For effective patient care and the improvement of patient satisfaction, each department collaborates with one another to operate specialized centers including the Cardiovascular Center, Cancer Center, Stereotactic Surgery Center, Western/Oriental Medicine ICU for Brain Damage and Thyroid Center. In particular, the hospital was designated in 2011 as the 'Korean brain MRI data center' for the establishment of the Korean brain MRI standard for ischemic strokes. The Health Promotion Center offers treatment that combines Western and Oriental medicine approaches in a relaxed atmosphere with a one-stop service system that allows walk-ins and same day results. The hospital was officially certified in 2011 by the Ministry of Health and Wellness for its quality of medical services and the level of patient safety and it continues to improve by operating an International Health Care Center for the convenience of foreign patients. Particularly, the Goyang Biomedi Convergence Campus was built around the Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center and the construction of Goyang Medi Cluster that is affiliated with a medical service facility, medical welfare town and an enterprise institute is also expected to be completed in the near future. In a state-of-the-art research environment, Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center will lead the way in future medical enterprises as the core component of the Goyang Medi Cluster.

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  • HAEJU CLINIC (Dasarang Global Alcohol Clinic) HAEJU CLINIC (Dasarang Global Alcohol Clinic)

    Alcohol-related Disease - Specialized Hospital, designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, that has been curing patients with alcohol dependence over 10 years - Alcohol-related Disease Specialized Hospital by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of Korea - Healthcare Quality Patient Safety bt the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of Korea HAEJU CLINIC is an alcohol detoxification program consisting of western·oriental treatment for the patients suffering from hangover removal, blackout, frequent drinking alcohol and drinking alcohol on business. HAEJU CLINIC aims to recover the patient's health damaged by alcohol. We find drinking related problems in an early stage and perform treatment to prevent memory loss and liver damage.

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  • Hansarang Hospital Hansarang Hospital

    Hansarang Hospital is an accredited institution of the Department of Health and Welfare. We received the certificate with respect to patient safety, health care services and many excellent services. From January 1, 2015, Hansarang Hospital was chosen by the Department of Health and Welfare as a Surgically Specialized Hospital. Hansarang Hospital has many specialists in breast, thyroid, stomach, colon, rectum, gall bladder, hernia, varicose veins and burns. Our mission is to do hope sharing and respect for life for happier society.

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  • Myongji Hospital Myongji Hospital

    Myongji hospital, which is founded in 1987 with the goal of love for humanity through medical techniques, is keeping our faith for the future when there is no disease. We are leading the advanced medical services through our excellent medical team and high-tech medical system. Further more, we are contributing to improvement of national health through our high-level medical treatment, high-tech medical research, and training superb medical resources with our ceaseless challenge and passion.

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