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  • Nunevit Eye Center Nunevit Eye Center

    Nunevit Eye Center located on 14th floor of Busan Lotte Hotel, Seomyon Medical Street, main district of medical industry of Busan, is providing lights to many customers’ eyes to be commensurated on their slogan ‘Light For Your Eyes.’ Nunevit Eye Center which have gorgeous indoor cafeteria provides high-end interior and service as a result of conjugation with relaxation and medical treatment. Nunevit Eye Center which forged special centers classified by treatment such as LASIK & LASEK, phakic IOL implantation, presbyopia, cataract, keratoconic cornea, children opthalmology provides one-stop medical service from examination to treatment and surgery. There are many eye clinics able to perform LASIK and LASEK surgery. However, eye clinics which constantly make great efforts to do safer eyesight correction surgery like recruiting skillful medical doctors, introducing high tech equipments that can search side affects in advance are relatively rare. Nunevit Eye Center recommends best fitting surgery to each customer through performing complete medical exams which counts over fifty and redundancy check. In addition, Nunevit is performing ReLEx smile LASIK which has grafted stem cell technology for customers seeking for the safest visual correction surgery available. Surgeon’s competence level and experience is more important than the latest equipments. Medical team of Nunevit Eye Center has achieved recognition for rich surgical experience and outstanding surgical technique. Dr. Park Hyo Soon, the chief surgeon of Nunevit Eye Center, and his clinic have selected for each of ‘2013 The World Best ArtiLens Surgeon’ and ‘2013 The Best ArtiLens Implanting Center.' Dr. Park Hyo Soon has also received credits for his performance worldwidely after presentation about phakic intraocular surgery in 2014 ESCRS (European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons) with title of ‘New approach to ACD indication in ArtiLens implantation.’ Nunevit Eye Center is the sole eye clinic in Busan able to perform all those newly developed surgeries such as ReLEx Smile LASIK, Opti LASIK, ArtiLens Implanting surgery, and Visu Amaris. Now, please enjoy the world-class medical service at the Nunevit Eye Center jumping to be the first rank eye clinic in Asia.

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    Since the opening of our hospital in 1976, our goal has been to serve the members of our community with pride and provide them with the best medical care possible through use of high quality, modern equipment and a dedicated staff with ongoing medical education. With the opening of our new hospital building on May 1, 1999 Good Moonhwa Hospital became a women's general hospital consisting of 15 clinical departments and 38 medical specialists. Our hospital has high tech, modern equipment to provide our patients with a wider variety of medical services and more specialized treatments. We established a general medical examination center in 2001 and in 2004 opened the departments of orthopedics, plastic surgery and colorectal & proctological surgery.

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  • ABC Plastic Surgery Clinic ABC Plastic Surgery Clinic

    The ABC plastic surgery clinic is a hospital that builds up trust based on the high satisfaction of its clients due to its precise and specialized medical treatments and the good results of its surgery. The ABC Plastic Surgery Clinic, where everyone can come and visit in comfort, and experience high-class medical services, like the services you can get from a luxurious hotel, is a total beauty center that always pays heed to its clients and puts itself in its clients'way of thinking

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  • Gowoonsesang Kim Yang Che Skin Clinic Gowoonsesang Kim Yang Che Skin Clinic

    ■ Skin Clinic specializing in skin care with 30 years of tradition We have an abundant clinical know-how through 30 years of experiences in dermatologic treatment since the opening in 1984. ■ First Skin Clinic in Korea to acquire a certification from the JCI Provide safe healthcare up to standard of the developed countries - the world leaders of the dermatology <JCI is the international healthcare certification system> This Global certification system issues healthcare international rating agencies which conclude agreements with WHO (World Health Organization) to improve patients’ safety and quality of healthcare ■ Award of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare BIO & MEDICAL KOREA 2014 / Korea Healthcare Reliability field (The Skill of Korean medicine is world known and became widespread for the active attraction of foreign patients) ■ Medical treatment customized to each of the patients There are 5 dermatologists, 1 anesthetist. The staff consisting of 6 people, uses variety of laser equipment and provides treatment depending on variety of skin types

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  • Inje University Haeundae Paik Hospital Inje University Haeundae Paik Hospital

    Inje University Haeundae Paik Hospital, a medical hub of Northeastern Asia, aims to be the best among first-class hospitals and offers the best medical services with the most advanced medical equipment and the newest medical technologies.

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  • SHE’S Plastic Surgery SHE’S Plastic Surgery

    SHE’S Plastic Surgery is located on Gwangbok street 73 in Busan. SHE’S Plastic Surgery was first founded on Gwangbok street 17 years ago. Dr. Kim Kyung Ho is a certified plastic surgeon and a general director of SHE’S Plastic Surgery. SHE’S Plastic Surgery is an excellent institution for attracting foreign patients. SHE’S personnel includes 2 certified plastic surgeons and 20 staff members. SHE’S Plastic Surgery is popular for anti-aging surgeries among local and foreign patients. More than 80% of anti-aging surgery patients visit our clinic by the recommendations of our customers. That is why, SHE’S “became a plastic surgery clinic that is recommended by best friends.” SHE'S has been attracting foreign customers for 10 years. SHE’S Plastic surgery has become a trustworthy clinic for foreign clients. In 2012 our clinic became the most visited clinic among foreign patients in Busan. Every year the number of patients in the clinic increases. The clinic employs Japanese, Chinese, Russian and English-speaking medical coordinators. The coordinators accompany the patients during the operation to give them a peace of mind. SHE’S Plastic Surgery is proud to be the leading medical institution for attracting foreign citizens in Busan. The clinic takes as a basis the purity of advertising and the transparency of financial reporting in order to become a clinic that foreign patients can fully trust. We wholeheartedly thank the foreign patients for choosing SHE’S Plastic Surgery. We will continue to go forward and make progress in the future!

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