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Tend your beautiful gender at the best laser vaginal rejuvenation center in South Korea

A new chapter of obstetrics and gynecology surgery in South Korea

The place of generational shift through the introduction of laser cosmetic vaginal surgery
in South Korea: RIZ Obstetrics and Gynecology. RIZ opened the new paradigm of
obstetrics and gynecology surgery by introducing laser into Korean gynecologic academia
and naming it laser cosmetic vaginal surgery.
The footsteps of RIZ laser cosmetic vaginal surgery, which has created great changes in
the history of vaginoplasty, is more significant due to its leading position in not only
South Korea but also the Asian continent.

RIZ laser center in Korea looks forward to women’s sexual well-being, And we develop and provide international medical services
including Laser Vaginal RejuvenationTM (RIZ LVRTM) and Laser rejuvenation Designer laser vaginoplastyTM (DLVTM) and Laser micro
hymenoplasty (LMH) to better the mankind’s quality of life.
In addition, with the coordination between excellent medical team from different fields, including liposuction and breast implants,
RIZ is the only women’s only hospital in Asia that offers the only “Back to 20” OneStop Solution.

Field of surgery:
RIZ Laser Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery
1.Laser vaginal rejuvenation
2.Miss laser vaginal rejuvenation
3.Wave vaginal rejuvenation
4.Petite vaginal rejuvenation
5.Designer laser vaginoplasty
6.Laser micro hymenoplasty

RIZ laser rejuvenation center does not think that the exterior
beauty and youth is all that matters about you.
We give the youth and energy to the invisible, secret part of
yours, and we wish you can enjoy the beauty and youth as a woman.

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Phone Number 82-2-540-8811
Fax 82-2-549-2903
Coordinator English
Address The Trinity Place 8th floor, 79 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Homepage http://womanlaser.com/en/
General statistic Bed 5, Doctors 3, Nurses 3, Other 4

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