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Bone & Joint Hospital

Wellton hospital is the specialized orthopedic hospital
ranked the 1st place among Korean orthopedic hospitals
in hip arthroplasty surgery with the highest challenging level surgery.

Wellton hospital has global center for general orthopedic treatment,
knee and shoulder arthroscopic surgery, knee and hip arthroplasty surgery,
international patients with various surgical cases are successfully treated.
International coordinator of the Wellton Hospital provides a total service
including admission, and discharge from the hospital,
and we also provide service for rehabilitation after surgery
for the international patients who cannot easily return to Korea.

Especially [the muscles, tendons preserved minimally invasive arthroplasty surgery]
technique is the only Wellton Hospital’s specialized surgery technique
for balanced rehabilitation and prompt return to daily life
for international patients. To study this surgery technique,
a number of orthopedic surgeons from abroad such as Russia, China,
The Philippines, Kazakhstan and other countries
visit Wellton hospital for fellowship training.

Wellton medical staffs are very proud to see the international patients
are discharged from the hospital with a confidence gained from successful
surgery result. We will continually do our best to have successful
joint treatment for international patients.

Consultation Available
Phone Number 82-2-6925-6688
Fax 82-2-2605-2112
Coordinator Oleg Kim / global@wellton.co.kr
Address 318 Ganseo-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul (Neabalsan-dong 677) 157-280
Homepage www.wellton.co.kr/en/
General statistic Bed 80, Doctors 7, Nurses 36, Other 46

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  • Saturday 10:00~16:00

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