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Arumdaun Nara Beauty Clinic Group - 6 Minister‘s Awarards

“Arumdaun Nara” means "beautiful land" in Korean. Our specialists have been part of our clinic for 15 years and they have more knowledge of foreign patient’s skin type and features than any other doctors, which is achieved by years of patient contact and experience. Thus here, you can receive an efficient, safe and best medical service in a friendly and homely environment.

All medical services related to beauty are available here.

Arumdaun Nara has always been the first to introduce newest scientific treatments, advanced technology, and equipment. The clinic possesses more than 50 latest laser equipment. It is recognized as the most visited clinic by foreigners and also as an excellent clinic to have received 6 prestigious Minister’s Award of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Each year, Arumdaun Nara steadily presents and publishes papers at worldly-renowned plastic surgery and dermatology conferences. Also, medical staff from various countries constantly visit Arumdaun Nara to exchange and observe the advanced medical technology. Such active international exchanges are still ongoing.

Coordinators offer friendly services in multiple languages throughout - from consultation, reservation, treatment to aftercare. Hence there will be no communication problems. Some of our lucky patients have met some celebrities while receiving treatment at our clinic as around 100 celebrities visit our clinic for treatment every year.

Arumdaun Nara's focal procedure is NON-SURGICAL COMBINATION FACE LIFTING, whereby the skin is tightened as if it has been ironed. This noninvasive method means no bleeding, no general anesthesia, and no scars.

Consultation Available
Phone Number 82-2-3420-2295
Fax 82-2-3420-2204
Coordinator Micky Moon
Address 12F, Mijin-Plaza B/D, 390 Gangnamdaero, Gangnam,gu, 135-934,Seoul,Korea
Homepage www.anaclienglish.com
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