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Chuidasun Resort Jeju

Chuidasun Resort Jeju
취다선 리조트

This is not a resort that made tea and meditation into contents to attract people. Chuidasun is the other way around. Founder Ahn Dae-jin, who lived with tea and meditation as the foundation of life over a long time, designed a resort to spread a life that values tea and meditation. While people do not visit Jeju solely to learn tea and meditation, a special resort that offers tea and meditation would be more attractive. Ojo-ri Village at the east end of Jeju facing Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone next to the gentle ocean has a serious name, meaning “reflecting myself.” It is a perfect place to find peace through tea and meditation, look back at oneself and stay. Ojo-ri is crowded with people who wish to shine light through meditation and restore the tired body and soul.

Life that enjoys tea and meditation

The welcoming center teaches guests about the meditation programs and tearoom directions upon check-in. The meditation program is available at 7:00 am and 8:10 am. You may select one or both. The 7:00 am program is a class titled "Morning Tea Meditation for Finding Myself" that consists of static meditation and sitting meditation. While drinking tea early in the morning, participants can awaken their body and mind. At 8:10 am, the dynamic meditation class starts where participants move the body to look into oneself. This is different from a general yoga class that follows specific motions as instructed by the leader. Participants walk or run in the space and move the body to the music, all the while focusing on one’s own breathe and changes in the body as it gets out of breathe and relaxes depending on the motion. After exploding energy by slowly increasing the level of energy, the breathing is stabilized and the remaining emotion is faced over time. It combines various meditations so that every one from beginners to expert can stay interested. These two classes are led by Shunya trained at the Osho Rajneesh Center.

Learning the correct tea etiquette

Visitors can use the tea room prepared at the basement of the resort for free. Visit the basement at the reserved time and receive help from the staff with the use of the tea room. Select one of the four themed tea rooms. Each team rents the entire tea room, enjoying the space without having to mix with other users. The tea room, balanced between modernity and tradition, is attractive in and of itself but the small pond and vast bog beyond the window of the Gongseon Tea Room and Jungno Tea Room are particularly nice. Select from the organic green tea grown in Geomun Parastic Cone, Gosu Black Tea and dark tea and the staff brews the tea for you. After explaining the name of the equipment and its purpose and telling you how to meditate while the tea brews or smell the fragrance in the teacup, the staff goes away. Now the user can brew the tea. In the quiet space where gentle meditation music plays, even the sound of pouring tea sounds clean. Focusing on brewing and drinking tea, the heavy head is all of a sudden clear. Luxurious tea confectionery consisting candied walnut, sugared tangerine, and dried jujube makes the tea even more delicious.

Tea time alone at the guest room

All guestrooms at Chuidasun Resort have a tea table. To brew tea alone following the tea etiquette learned at the tea room, each room is equipped with tea and tea equipment. The table has a wheel to be moved freely. It is possible to drink tea while sitting on the bed and enjoying the Seongsan Ilchulbong Sunset Peak. The tea equipment was commissioned by Mr. Ahn Dae-jin, exhibiting the classiness of Chuidasun Resort.


  • +82-64-735-1600
  • All year round
  • Reservation required
  • One night
    Room for two: KRW 111,000-125,000 (Room for one: KRW 98,000)
    Family room: KRW 240,000 (For lodgers, breakfast, two types of meditatio programs and tea room are free)
  • Available
  • 2688, Haemajihaean-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwiposi, Jeju-do
  •  www.chuidasun.com