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Jeonnam Area Environmental

Jeonnam Area Environmental Disease Prevention and Control Center
전남권 환경성질환 예방관리센터

Healing begins as you enter Ungchi-myeon located below the Jeamsan Recreational Forest where the Jeonnam Area Environmental Disease Prevention and Control Center is located. Embraced by the Jeamsan Recreational Forest at the end of the beautiful village road, the place feels different from its stiff name. Names like forest playground, healing spot or feeling easy place suits the place better.

The answer to environment-induced diseases

The Jeonnam Area Environmental Disease Prevention and Control Center (hereinafter Center) defines environmental diseases and trains and suggests methods to prevent and treat diseases. The center is ideally situated at the mecca of green tea that shows excellent effects to ease environmental diseases. Green tea, other than removing accumulated heavy metal and environmental hormones inside the body, has other various functions. Drink it to increase the alpha wave in the brain with the theanine ingredient to ease the mind and increase the ability to concentrate. Catechin is included in large quantity to activate the antioxidant system inside the body. Green tea also helps sterilize the intestines and mouth to prevent cavity and food poisoning and suppress the secretion of sebum and soothe inflammatory skin diseases.

The center focuses on wellness programs using green tea. Operated programs include tea steam meditation, cooking with green tea and cypress green tea pot making and green tea foot bath, and green tea pool are prepared for all visitors to enjoy. The green tea foot bath is located at the small garden behind the building. The outdoor space is perfect for admiring the surrounding landscape and enjoying a foot bath. Contain warm water in the pottery foot bath device and add green tea bags. Step on the green tea bags with the feet to rew the green tea and double the effects. Use time is 20 minutes. Drink green tea during use and moisturize by applying aroma oil to the feet after the foot bath. The green tea pool next to the foot bath in an indoor space has the aroma of a deep green tea fragrance. It is a place where you can soak the body in a dark brew of green tea. Normally the men’s pool and women’s pool are separated but family visitors can enter without separation. Guests enter wearing a sauna uniform and seven or more guests can reserve the place.

Tea steam meditation is conducted at the healing meditation room that finished the walls and floor with cypress. Green tea is poured into a large pottery and the face is lowered to breathe in the warmth of green tea. Participants cover their face with a large towel to prevent the warmth from escaping. After an hour of tea steam meditation, the respiratory system is cleansed and the coldness inside the body is discharged. While breathing, serotonin is secreted to help comfort the mind and relieve stress. The program requires six or more applicants and reservation is required.

Time of rest considerate of the environment

The center operates a lodging facility. The name of the lodging finished with cypress is “Strength Recovering House.” The facility consists of five buildings and eight rooms in the two types of eight person and four person rooms and is almost always full throughout the year. Family groups frequently visit and programs are open to all age groups.

Programs include vegetable garden tending, air purifying plant planting, eco bag decoration, cypress tissue case making, environment-friendly food making, natural product making and natural dyeing. Health-related issues are not overlooked. At the basic examination room on one side of the children’s play room, you can check inbody and stress index. Relax the body through warm sauna at the health promotion room consisting of oxygen room, mineral stone room and red clay room. The program needs to be reserved three days in advance and the health promotion room requires reservation one day ahead because of the time required to heat up the room.

A few ways to enjoy the forest

The Jeamsan Recreational Forest has lots of fun things to enjoy. It takes a long time to enjoy the adult zip line, adventure facility, the barrier-free 5.8km-long Deoneumgil Trail for seniors and the v ulner able and the many exploration routes. In March 2020, a mountain slide is to be open to allow v isitors to enjoy the beautiful forest and Daman Reservoir from a height of 10 meters .


  • +82-61-852-4187~8
  • Holidays None
  • Reservation required except for foot bath
  • For one person
    Korean dry sauna KRW 5000
    Tea steam meditation KRW 15,000
    Beauy team steam meditation KRW 20,000
    Green Tea Pool Adult KRW 7000/Children KRW 5000 (available for groups of seven or larger)
    Green tea foot bath KRW 5000 Planting air purifying plant KRW 10,000