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Hanwha Resort Geoje Belvedere Wellness

Hanwha Resort Geoje Belvedere Wellness
한화리조트 거제 벨버디어 웰니스

“Fill Body, Feel Mind,” Hanwha Resort Geoje Belvedere Wellness' slogan refers to having complete rest through filling the body and feeling the mind. We help guests restore the balance of the body and mind and take care of their bodies in daily life. Interestingly, practices for healthy life that feel difficult outside are easy here. If you want to experience rebirth from within in beautiful nature, visit the Hanwha Resort Geoje Belvedere Wellness.

Journey to find the balance in life

The Hanwha Resort Geoje Belvedere Wellness program follows the 3R-System. Short for “Refresh your Body, Relax your Mind, Reset your Lifestyle,” the program provides animation to the body, relaxes the mind and reorganizes the way of living. The programs are composed by combining the themes of Energy up, Calming & Healing and Beauty plus depending on the purpose, tendency and condition of the guests.

Once you reserve a wellness program, mobile examination checks the health condition and living habit of the guest before visiting the resort. Once you check in, the reconducted examination results are explained. Based on this result, programs are composed in consideration of that day’s condition and professional inspection equipment start to measure the physical stamina and body type. At the body type measurement process, many people are faced with the realities of unbalance in the body as a result of abusing the body. Based on the body type measurement results, seven wellness coaches consisting of a physical therapist, trainer and yoga leaders, teach guests workouts to improve the imbalance and good posture to maintain in daily life depending on the guest’s job.

A program perfectly customized for you

Fresh wellness menu prepared by a chef using seasonal ingredients of Geoje and sleep coaching to ensure comfortable sleep help establish a good lifestyle. Indoor fitness, outdoor activity, yoga and meditation and spa therapy are matched to the three themes of energy up / calm and healing / beauty plus. The attractive list of programs includes good posture workout, eco trekking to Mangbongsan Mountain, yoga enjoyed while viewing the ocean through the large window, sunrise meditation and various spas using Darphin products

Particularly noteworthy are water workouts enjoyed at the outdoor infinity pool and the color & sound therapy for great healing. The water workout is carried out for individuals or small groups to perform low intensity stretches and fitness programs inside water that is less influenced by gravity. Enjoyment is doubled as guests view the beautiful scenery of the south sea under the infinity pool. Color & Sound therapy is conducted on a unique equipment called “healing sofa.” The bed with a round roof is equipped with a ceiling lamp that reenacts the colors of natural light from nature to promote the secretion of serotonin. Lie in a comfortable position to select the color that comforts you and admire the natural landscape through the monitor in front of you.

Great service for amazing sleep

Sleep is an important element that decides the quality of life for modern people. If you have been having trouble sleeping well due to too much work, busy life and use of smartphone, try the sleep ritual coaching. This method stimulates the five senses through light, sound and air to induce sleep. The Hanwha Resort Geoje Belvedere Wellness prepared a sleep well room. It is the only room in Korea with a high-end Duxiana mattress.


  • +82-55-951-4100
  • Holidays None
  • One day KRW 450,000
    Overnight KRW 520,000
    Body correction workout, golf, yoga, Wachu, and Pilates KRW 80,000
    Group Wellness KRW 40,000
    Group morning yoga and eco trekking Free (Overall one person based)