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Museum SAN Meditation Hall

Museum SAN Meditation Hall
뮤지엄 산 명상관

Located in Oak Valley, Wonju, Museum SAN is situated 275 meters high on the mountain. SAN refers to the location and is also a combination word between Space, Art and Nature. Since it is a space that blends in art and nature, visitors are reminded of the meaning of mountain after exploring the space. The meditation hall, which opened in 2019, is a warm and cozy space of comfort for the modern men who live busy lives.

A space where one gains the strength to live

We cannot leave out architecture when talking about the museum. Tadao Ando, in celebration of the fifth anniversary of Museum SAN, one of his creations, gifted the meditation hall with a drawing. The meditation hall starts at the stone garden with nine stone mounds, modeled after Silla period's ancient tombs, and moves down tracing the staircases. The light that enters through the window creates bright lines and soft shadows on the floor of the dorm-shaped space. Viewing the entire space from the center of the deeper part of the meditation hall, one feels like facing the eyes of God. You grow solemn and it feels like the sun, shadow, and you inside the space finally all fall into place. It feels like inside a tomb, both comfortable and cozy. Some say that it feels like being inside the womb. Many meditate in this space. People find rest and listen to the voice of their mind, which they had ignored for being busy. The sound of nature heard from the outside is very attractive. You can hear even the sound of leaves that fall by the wind landing on the roof.

The many paths of a trip to discover oneself

The other name of the meditation hall is “Trip to Discover Oneself.” Tadao Ando hoped that the many visitors would find the joy of encountering one’s unique universe. The meditation hall prepared various regular and special programs to assist visitors in the journey to discover oneself. Regular programs include meditation that listens to the sound of nature, rest meditation that relaxes the body through breathing and simple motions, singing bowl silent meditation and voice healing meditation to make sounds and listen to one’s own voice. They are conducted in 30 minutes sessions from 10:45 am until 5:15 pm. The theme changes slightly depending on the season.

If you want to enjoy in-depth meditation with famous meditation leaders from Korea and over the world or wish to stay longer at the beautiful meditation hall, participate in the special meditation program. The special meditation program conducted betweeen 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm every Saturday seeks to explore the various modes of meditation. Our repertory includes fragrance mediation using aroma oil, yoga and meditation, singing bowl meditation and flower mandara, awareness detox meditation, sound therapy and gigong , and self-love meditation for the relationship with self. Progras can be checked each month on the website and reservations are accepted on-line in advance. All special programs are for people aged 14 or above and class is capped at 25 people.

Considerate of the opening and closing of the senses

Meditation starts from listening to the gentle singing bowl play while breathing in the fragrance of the aroma oil that leader passed on. When finished, warm hibiscus tea with a sour flavor is served. A more lively sound from nature fills up the space. This is to open up the senses before meditation and refresh the relaxed mind after meditation.


  • +82-33-730-9000
  • Closed on Mondays
  • Museum Pass Adult KRW 18,000/Children KRW 10,000
    James Turrell Pass Adult 28,000/Children KRW 18,000
    Meditation Pass Adult KRW 28,000/Children KRW 18,000 (Children are only allowed to enter for the 12:45 pm program) Special price for the Medication Pass fluctuates, pre-reservation system
  • Available
  • 260, Oak valley 2-gil, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do
  • www.museumsan.org