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Park Roche Resort&Wellness

PARK ROCHE Resort&Wellness
파크로쉬 리조트앤웰니스


Surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful mountains of Jeongseon, PARK ROCHE Resort&Wellness aims to soothe your tired mind with the diversity of its wellness programs. Here you will be able to take a good and full rest.

PARK ROCHE Resort&Wellness is located is Sugam-ri, which literally means “overnight stay on a rock.” The name originated from a legend in which King Gal of Maekguk of the Korean Samhan Period fled from a war and fell into deep sleep on a rock. Similarly, “roche” means “rock” in French. As its name suggests, all the programs provided by the resort focus on recharging the body and mind through deep sleep.


A Place of Healing with Upscale Services

There are many places that offer wellness programs in every corner of the resort. On the first floor and in the basement, you can find signature spaces that represent “mindfulness,” a key concept of wellness, and a largescale meditation room. On the second floor, you can take advantages of the Wellness Club, equipped with yoga room, group exercise room, gym, meditation room, library, Sugam Lab, and spa. The campfire zone and glass house in the outdoor garden allow you to enjoy the beautiful four seasons in Jeongseon. On the rooftop, with its beautiful panoramic view of Gariwangsan Mountain, Dutasan Mountain, and Odaecheon Stream, you can benefit from multiple programs that vary depending on season. Sunset and sunrise yoga classes are signature programs provided on the rooftop that will captivate you with its breathtaking surrounding scenery.

Programs That Soothe Your Body and Soul

PARK ROCHE Resort&Wellness provides wellness programs with three themes: “Body Full,” which aims to improve your daily habits, “Mind Full”, which is intended to reignite your passion and increase your motivation, and “Spirit Full,” which is designed for prospering your soul. BodyFull programs consist mainly of yoga and workout. They will help by improving and stabilizing your musculoskeletal system and help you sleep well. These programs are provided at the yoga and group exercise rooms and include: 1) yoga exercises such as Surya yoga and refresh yoga and 2) fitness and pilates activities using different tools such as thera band, body balancing pad, wall unit and barre bar, foam roller, and duo ball. “Mind Full” programs are designed to suggest different ways in which you can calm your mind away from your busy life. You can actively participate in painting stone or patterning mandala, practicing calligraphy, and making Herbarium. It also includes Healing Touch, a program that aims to help you recover from extreme burnout by using a spiky twin roller; Natural Movement, designed for relaxing your body and mind while listening to music and moving your body to the beat; Flora Therapy, which invites you to repot a plant; and Wellness Cooking Class, which you can learn healthy recipes from a chef. Lastly, “Sprit Full” programs help you learn how to face your true self through breathing exercises and sound meditation using a singing bowl. More specifically, if you would like to have a health checkup, Sugam Lab would be the perfect fit. In-house nurses specializing in yoga and meditation will guide you through various examinations such as a blood pressure test, InBody test, and an autonomic nervous system test. In collaboration with the mattress supplier ACE BED, Sugam Lab helps you find a mattress with the most suitable topper.

MAKE PARK ROCHE Resort&Wellness 100 Times Mo re Enjoyable

PARK ROCHE Resort&Wellness provides a wellness program three times a day and the curriculum varies depending on the day of week. If you stay for a night at the resort, you can sign up for up to 3 programs. Calligraphy and mandala pattern drawing classes are available at any time at the atelier on the ground floor. As for stone mandala painting, flora therapy, and Herbariummaking, you must make a reservation in advance. Please note that the library, indoor spa and sauna, and glass house are open from 6:00 to 22:00. Additional charges will be incurred for body treatment services that require prior reservations, cooking classes led by professional chefs, and Sugam Lab.


  • +82-33-560-1111
  • Reservation required
  • Room rates vary depending on season and wellness programs Free for those staying at the resort(expect for certain programs)
  • Available
  • 9-12, Jungbong-gil, Bukpyeong-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do
  • www.park-roche.com

The above information is valid as of March 2019