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Vista Walkerhill Wellness Club

Vista Walkerhill Wellness Club
비스타 워커힐 웰니스 클럽


Vista Walkerhill Wellness Club, known for its professional wellness programs, is a place of healing located in the heart of the city, perfect for those who feel exhausted living in contemporary society. If you would like to live a healthy life,Vista Walkerhill Wellness Club is the perfect answer for you.

Vista Walkerhill Wellness Club gives you a sense of what this abstract term “wellness” truly means. Run by the Walkerhill Hotel and Health Connect Co., Ltd. (cofounded by Seoul National University and SK Telecom), Vista Walkerhill Wellness Club provides high-quality professional services with its unique facilities and various programs, offering you the opportunity to benefit from sustainable healthcare solutions not only during your stay at the hotel but also after your return to home.

Remedies for the Body and Soul

After spending three days at Walkerhill Hotel, you will find yourself viewing life through a different lens. During your stay, you will learn how to live a healthy life by knowing your health numbers through occasional checkups, eating a healthy diet perfect for you, and spending your time exercising, resting, and meditating. You can choose from a variety of options depending on your health goals, including weight management, beauty care, posture correction and pain management, and healthcare for moms-to-be. The basic option includes a “wellness ICT program” that enables you to benefit from 1:1 consultation and get nutrition and sleep checkups while exercising and healing. The beauty care option consists of this basic program and body and face treatments from V Spa, directly managed by the famous spa brand “VALMONT.” If you sign up for the healthcare for the moms-to-be option, you will benefit from home care for married couples and body line care during pregnancy in addition to the basic package. In addition, through 1:1 consultations, you will be given a “wellness map” designed to analyze your body composition, body type, and lifestyle that provides you with strategic healthcare solutions.

A Scientific Approach for the Maximum Effect

Vista Walkerhill Wellness Club offers you a variety of hightech fitness programs so that you can get the maximum effect during your short stay. Based on the results of your InBody, strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance tests, you will be asked to participate in certain programs including 1:1 personal training, Hypoxi, Sling, Winback, and aquatic therapy, where you can recover from fatigue through 34°C warm-water immersion. Hypoxi is a training device that uses vacuum compression technology to burn body fat. It is based on the idea that alternating high and low pressures increases blood circulation and enables targeted fat reduction. During your Hypoxi session, you will wear an airtight suit and go into a machine that helps reduce cellulite either by pedaling vigorously on an exercise bike or by using electrical muscle stimulation. Sling, another program at Vista Walkerhill Wellness Club, is a device originally designed for the rehabilitation of injured soldiers returning after the World War II for its effectiveness in relieving pain caused by kyphosis (i.e., turtleneck or text neck syndrome) or spinal disc problems. You can slip your neck, arms, or legs into a Sling attached to a training device and let your trainer adjust the length and position. Sling helps you develop different levels of muscular and joint strength and allows you to focus on specific body parts you want to train. The most impressive program of all is Winback, a type of massage appliance. During the Winback session, all you have to do is to lie down for 50 minutes. This device delivers Winback energy, a high-frequency current, to deep tissues (ligament, fascia, fat, joint, and blood vessel networks) to increase the temperature of these tissues, which eventually helps relax stiff muscles and improve joint flexibility. It accelerates recovery, particularly when used on the parts with pain.

Get better results by signing up for the wellness program package

All participants are invited to stay in a Deluxe Wellness Room. If you sign up for the 3-day program, you will be able to additionally benefit from the sustainable healthcare solutions by receiving 1:1 ICT-based mobile lifestyle coaching for three weeks. In addition, those who partake in the Wellness Program Package will have access to other facilities such as sauna, swimming pool, and the gym along with ROO membership lounge and SKYARD, a rooftop botanical garden curated by Nishihata Seijun, one of the world’s most celebrated master gardeners, also known as a “plant hunter.”


  • +82-2-2022-0450
  • Check-in after 14:00 &
    check-out before 13:00
  • Online or phone reservation required
  • KRW 380,000 for 1-day Wellness Program,
    KRW 690,000+ for a 2-day Wellness Healing Package,
    & KRW 1,500,000+ for a 3-day Wellness Program Package

The above information is valid as of March 2019