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WE Hotel Wellness Center

WE Hotel Wellness Center
WE호텔 웰네스센터


Drive through a winding tunnel in the forest following the clean energy of Hallasan Mountain. At the end of road, where cherry blossoms come out splendidly in spring, stands We Hotel. As the first “health resort” in Korea, it runs wellness programs with pure water and the power of the forests of Jeju. Of course, water is its pride. Natural volcanic bedrock water is abundant under the ground. Therefore, the hotel can use this quality water generously, not only for drinking but also for shower rooms and pools. The Aqua Meditation Pool operates a hydrotherapy program with natural volcanic bedrock water.

Various kinds of hydrotherapy and forest therapy

Unlike an indoor pool that is especially well-lit, the meditation pool is relatively dark. There is a round dome with soft light and warm air. As the space is designed in the shape of a mother’s womb, the darkness and air feel rather comfortable. The aqua programs run by WE Hotel include “surfing yoga,” “haeam hydro,” “aqua circuit” and “aqua exercise.”

“Haeam hydro” is an aqua acupressure massage that is operated while floating on water with a device. You completely relax on the floating device to stretch and get a massage. As it is easier to move the body smoothly underwater, muscles can relax more effectively. The meditation pool maintains a constant temperature of 34~37℃, which has almost no effect on pulse, blood pressure, and metabolism. The temperature is about the same as amniotic fluid in the womb, which provides psychological stability helpful to solve insomnia or depression.

“Aqua exercise” includes underwater exercises for flexibility, resistance, and muscles. By using sports equipment such as aqua dumbells and hydrotones, the effects can be maximized. Also, participants should exercise under water pressure, so it is more effective not only for strengthening muscles but also for improving the flexibility of joints.

“Surfing yoga” is good to reform the body's shape. After exercising with yoga movements with an aqua sports expert, you go into the water. While you follow the beats on the surface of the water by paddling on a board, it feels like you are dreaming while floating on the water. Unlike general yoga, surfing yoga requires a lot of energy. You must continuously be careful not to lose your balance on the board while stretching every crouched muscle one by one. Such movements, which are easy to do on the ground, require extraordinary efforts underwater. It moves muscles that are not usually used. Athough it is a little difficult, you can feel more and more refreshed in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Another feature of WE Hotel is its beautiful forests.

One is “Dorae forest,” which preserves the beauty of the ancient forests of Jeju, and the other is “Haeam forest,” which is good to have a walk in. Haeam forest has beautiful flowers. “Forest therapy,” a walk along the forest path, is done with a forest commentator. You can listen to many stories about plants in the Jeju forest and learn how ancient people used them. You can reach “Megawati garden” while taking a walk on a forest path and drinking pure water from WE Hotel from a pretty bottle. Have a friendly chat, breathe together, and meditate. Soft music flows from speakers here and there, and birds sing without rest. The comforting warmth of the mysterious forests in Jeju and Mother Nature bring peace to your soul.

Burden-free walking in a healing forest

“Healing Forest,” a program to get one’s health back in the forest, is recommended to experience after having breakfast with a gentle stroll, because trees emit more phytoncide in the morning when there is a lot of wind. This program is particularly good to have a consultation on the right way to walk and physical balance by gait measurement.


  • +82-64-730-1462
  • 09:00~21:00
  • Reservations are mandatory
  • Haedam hydro 132,000 won
    Surfing Yoga 132,000 won
  • Elementary school-aged children and older
  • 453-95, 1100-ro, Seogwipo-city, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
  • www.wehotel.co.kr

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017