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Godowon Healing Center

Godowon Healing Center
깊은산속 옹달샘 아침편지 명상치유센터


There is “Morning Letters from Godowon,” starting the day for 3.6 million people with mail with short, meaningful thoughts and episodes every morning. Godowon Healing Center is a meditation healing center established by the writer Godowon with donations from members. The center, located in the deep woods of Jajubongsan in Chungju, is reminiscent of a small village with more than 10 scattered buildings in unique and charming colors all over the forest. These buildings, established one by one with donations since the opening in 2009, are used for accommodation, a meditation hall, library, and food laboratory with characterful designs. They have more than lovely designs. The buildings, constructed carefully in an environmentally friendly manner with rice straw and red clay, even provide you with good health. In the “white sky house,” a ger-type meditation place where you can feel sounds more vividly by amplification, you can have a peaceful time with meditation.
In the “house of sharing,” you can experience the happiness of a meal with a table full of seasonal food. In the “dream over dream library,” which is filled with donated books from the founder and members, you can get new lessons from a book. While you are listening to the sound of wind while sitting in the open-air bath of Ongdalsaem green spa, which is made with red clay, natural stones, and cypress trees, it feels like the old fatigue stacked up inside the body and soul are all washed away.

Ongdalseam stay, understand pause for a moment

The core of Godowon Healing Center is meditation. It focuses on sparing time out of complicated urban life to meditate and gaining heart-warming energy with love and gratitude from meditation. The most impressive event here is the “pause” time, when you can stop all work and have time to be immersed with a gong alert. You should stop walking and moving with the gong alert even while you were going for a walk in the forest with a “morning guide” who leads meditation. If you take a pause, you can hear all the sounds of birds, wind, falling leaves, and the breathing of your neighbor more vividly. After a couple of practices, you can hear the sounds of nature, and eventually, the sounds of your own heart. The gong of pause even rings in the middle of meals for a moment. You can feel the mix of food inside your mouth and feel the delicate smell of the food in front of you. The pause will present to you inexplicable feelings and impressions.

If you want to experience the time of immersion for one night or more, you can apply for “Ongs,” Ongdalsaem stay. The Ongs program has seven different options for specific programs based on preferences with the basic idea to have meals to revive people and meditate and relax in nature. If you are sick of complicated relationships with people, “Mung stay,” where you don't have to communicate with anybody and be zoned out with a badge of silence is recommended. “Food stay” to revitalize the tired body with organic natural meals made with special healthy recipes or “spa fasting stay” to remove gluttony and completely empty the body and soul is prepared as well. All Ongs programs have unique characteristics. At first glance, the programs seem solemn, but if you experience them in person, you can discover your real self with a serious approach and also get unexpected, valuable lessons.

If you are looking for teenager camp, try Lincoln School

Meditation and healing are not only for adults. Godowon Healing Center runs Lincoln School, a healing camp for teenagers. Topics can be different such as camping to find a mentor, camping to find the book of life, or camping to develop a creative personality, but the general theme remains the same: to treat the bodies and souls of teenagers and to tend to their wounds.


  • +82-1644-8421, +82-43-723-2033
  • 09:00~12:30, 13:30~18:00 (Open from Tue~Sat)
  • Reservations are mandatory
  • Happy family mind travel 320,000 won (2 persons),
    Ongdalsaem one-day meditation 120,000 won

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017