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Healience Seonmaeul (Zen Village)

Healience Seonmaeul
(Zen Village)
힐리언스 선마을


Walking is enjoyable in Seonmaeul. It is fun to walk on winding paths and go up and down the hills that preserve the topography. Seonmaeul was established by the enlightenment of the founder, a natural medicine scientist, when he saw a tranquil and wide valley in the middle of a forest. Seonmaeul is located on a 250m-high hill on Jongjasan in Hongcheon. It is good to take a walk in the Seonmaeul on the path from the lodge to the cafeteria. There is no need to exercise if you walk along a hill after having a healthy meal made with natural ingredients. An easy stroll continues while you are participating in programs like yoga or relaxing in a carbon spa.
Breathing deeply while you’re climbing a hill is natural medicine to strengthen your heart and legs and to stabilize autonomic nerves. This is why Seonmaeul, which provides programs to prevent and treat a number of modern diseases by experts, suggests walking as the first tool to fix lifestyle diseases, which deteriorate the quality of life and can be chronic if the proper treatment time is missed. The secret of healthy longevity isn’t that far away.

Healing effect from intended discomfort

The lodge in Seonmaeul has a big, clean window. Instead of TVs and computers, you can hear the sounds of nature through the window from the mountain and clear sky. There is the blessing of the sun in the morning, and brilliance of stars at night. Instead of watching TV or talking on a mobile phone, you can meditate and have time to sit absent-mindedly and think. With discomfort by removing conveniences, the five senses of your body are excited so that you can be moved only with the feeling of the ground under your feet or the scent of a flower at the tip of your nose. Going trekking with a professional guide, lowering your body under the forest’s energy, doing meditation lying down, which is as sweet as a restful nap, and trying to sleep by relying on darkness instead of lights with electromagnetic waves present you with true relaxation from hectic days.

Develop proper basic habits with healing programs

The establishment goal of Seonmaeul is aging well. In order to accomplish this, lifestyle diseases that jeopardize the lives of modern people, including diabetes and high blood pressure, should be treated. Smoking, drinking, insomnia, stress, and a hostile mind are causes of the lifestyle diseases. Against this backdrop, Seonmaeul helps people to establish proper basic habits based on programs developed with three principles, which are “scientific, easy to follow, and enjoyable.” For a more concrete experience, the rest stay program is recommended. This program features basic accommodations, meals, contemporary Hanbok (Korean costumes), free use of additional facilities including carbonated spring and bedrock bathing, as well as daily programs which are different every day. By practicing daily programs with the main theme of trekking, exercising, meditation, and nutrition lectures four right habits to cure lifestyle disease can be experienced.

The first right habit is about diet. In the nutrition lectures participants can think about what and how to eat to prevent diseases and improve health conditions. On top of the theory class, you can learn tips to practice, for example, changing the order of eating like having high-fiber snacks an hour before meals and eating a dessert first for meals. You can learn by experience that you can decrease the portion of an entrée if you have a balanced meal with mild-tasting side dishes. More than that, you can learn the 30/30/30 tip: eat 30 kinds of foods for 30 minutes by chewing 30 times. The second is about exercise. Under the guidance of professional instructors, you can learn healthy exercise practices for daily lives irrespective of location, including stretching in the morning, stair climbing, and walking for 30 minutes more than two times a day.

The third one is about mind. You can learn how to manage stress and build right habits for the mind in order to tame the soul including practicing more than one meditation every day, appreciating small things, breathing deeply more than three times when angry, and calming down by reading a book once a week. The last one is about life rhythm. You can learn and practice methods for sleeping, foot baths and lower-body bathing in order to maintain the best condition during everyday life. The one-night, two-day healing program includes a well-organized schedule to learn and practice the four right life habits.

Seonmal Ssup Market

On the second and the fourth weeks every month, Seonmal Ssup Market is held in Cheon-jiin plaza, the landmark of Seonmaeul. In the open market set against green grass and charming flowers you can find smart, healthy food as well as quality handcrafted art pieces which are recognized by Seonmaeul.


  • +82-1588-9983
  • Operating time is subject to change depending on programs
  • Reservations required
  • Rest Stay 2 nights for 2 persons
    KRW 265,000 during the regular season
    (KRW 285,000 on weekends);
    KRW 295,000 during the peak season
    (KRW 315,000 on weekends)
    Available Language : ENG, JPN
  • 122, Jongjasan-gil, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
  • www.healience.co.kr
  • Minors require parental guidance

The above information is valid as of March 2019


If you are looking for a place to rest surrounded by nature, we recommend Healience Seonmaeul. Here, you can enjoy healing programs as well as learn healthy lifestyle habits. The Stay Healing Park offers spas and culture experiences, while Vivaldi Park, one of Korea’s largest resort complexes, will give you true rest and joy.

[Day 1] Incheon International Airport 120 km, approximately 1 hr and 30 min by airport bus + approximately 40 min by intercity bus Seorak Bus Terminal, Gapyeong 4.6 km, 12 min by taxi (KRW 7,000) The Stay Healing Park 19 km, 30 min by taxi + shuttle bus

[Day 2] 25 Must-Go Wellness Spots Healience Seonmaeul 12 km, 20 min by taxi Vivaldi Park

All-in-One Cultural Resort Complex
The Stay Healing Park

The Stay Healing Park is located about 10 minutes by car from Seorak IC of the Seoul–Yangyang Expressway.
Opened in 2017, the Stay Healing Park is a new concept resorts where visitors can experience everything from nature, culture, food, and healing, to sports. Located at the foot of Borisan Mountain in Gapyeong, the resort is surrounded by a fabulous natural environment. It also has an exotic garden and a forest trail where visitors can enjoy and have a relaxing time. The main 9 Block building houses a café, bakery, gallery, antique furniture store, and more. The 9 Block Kitchen, which offers a variety of food, is located in the next building. The resort facilities include Aqua Spa that has an open-air bath, an outdoor swimming pool ideal for families, and a golf course with a fantastic view. All these offer visitors an opportunity to enjoy leisure activities and rest at the same time. The Stay Healing Park also regularly holds cultural performances. For those who want to enjoy all of these fun activities, various accommodation options are available from pension and hotel, to bungalows and glamping sites.


134, Hanseo-ro 268beon-gil, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do / +82-31-580-3800 / Contact for inquiries / www.thestayhealingpark.com

Learn Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Aging Well
Healience Seonmaeul

Healience Seonmaeul claims to be Korea’s first well-aging healing resort. With living up to 100 years old becoming more common, many people are interested in how to age well. “Healience,” a combination of “healing” and “science,” offers visitors systematic healing methods for aging well. Healience Seonmaeul is located on a 250-m hill, similar to many longevity villages around the world. The slopes were purposely kept during construction, and cars are not allowed within the facility. This sends visitors the message that walking on a slope daily is beneficial for their health. As it is situated in the middle of nature, cell phone coverage is poor, and no air-conditioning, refrigerators, or TVs are available. With these intended inconveniences, visitors will be able to take a real rest and rejuvenate their minds and bodies. Food is also an important factor, so Healience provides food cooked using seasonal ingredients as well as lectures on diets and nutrition. Seonmaeul offers healing programs intended to help people learn four life habits—good eating and exercise habits as well as maintaining a balanced life rhythm and a peaceful mind—so people can practice them in their daily lives. Visitors can choose the period and type of program based on their needs. Options include Day Programs, Stay Package, Forest and Family, and Meditation Programs. Depending on the program, Lying Down Meditation, Forest Healing Meditation, yoga, and trekking are offered. Visitors who choose the Stay Package can freely use the range of special amenities such as the red clay sauna, a spa facility equipped with a sparkling water bath and a bedrock bath, a reading room filled with books and LPs, and a café that offers panoramic views of the area. Visitors can accompany children, but kids under 13 years old cannot use healing programs.


122, Jongjasan-gil, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do / +82-1588-9983 (weekdays); +82-33-434-2772 (weekends) / Contact for inquiries / Classic Package (one night, two meals, meditation, and trekking): two adults per room; Prices start at KRW 210,000 / www.healience.co.kr

From Quarry to Culture and Arts Complex
Pocheon Art Valley

Vivaldi Park, one of Korea’s largest resort complexes, offers a wide variety of fun throughout all four seasons ranging from the large-scale Ski World and Ocean World (a water park) to a golf club, accommodation, restaurants and cafés, and other leisure facilities. In winter, the resort operates Snowyland in addition to Ski World. Snowyland offers various snow activities for those who may not enjoy skiing. From spring to autumn, visitors can experience thrilling luge rides instead. Vivaldi Park is also known for its indoor complex that visitors can enjoy, regardless of the weather conditions. The complex features not only various recreational facilities, an arcade room, bowling, and billiard rooms but also the country’s largest indoor kart racing track, K1 Speed. This May, it opened Ant World, a spacious playground where families can enjoy together. When the weather is nice, you can also take a leisurely walk along the trail of the recreational forest directly connected to the resort.


262, Hanchigol-gil, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do / +82-1588-4888 / Contact for inquiries / www.daemyungresort.com

TIP icon Travel Tips

Use Free Shuttle Buses

Healience Seonmaeul and Vivaldi Park offer free shuttle buses. Healience Seonmaeul Shuttle Bus departs once a day from Seorak Bus Terminal in Gapyeong, while Vivaldi Park runs free shuttle buses in and around the capital. You can also visit Nami Island using a Vivaldi Park shuttle.

· Healience Seonmaeul The bus departs at 2:10 p.m. from Seorak Bus Terminal in Gapyeong. (Take intercity bus 7000 at Exit 5 of Jamsil Station and get off at Seorak Bus Terminal in Gapyeong.) Reservations are mandatory.

· Vivaldi Park The bus departs from Obin Station and Yongmun Station of Gyeongui Jungang Line. Year-round service (excluding certain periods in March, April, October, and November) is available. Check the website or call the resort for bus schedules.

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Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park → 26 km→ Healience Seonmaeul
Day 2
Healience Seonmaeul → 35 km → Nami Island

· Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park 226-57, Darakjae-ro, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do / +82-31-581-9400 / www.swissthemepark.com · Nami Island 1, Namiseom-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do / +82-31-580-8114 / namisum.com


Recommended Restaurants

· Seorak Makguksu Chuncheon Dakgalbi : spicy buckwheat noodles, spicy stir-fried chicken / 159, Sincheonjungang-ro, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do / +82-31-584-9231

· 9 Block Kitchen : pasta, bibimbap, seaweed soup / 134, Hanseo-ro 268beon-gil, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do / +82-31-580-3905

· Sikgaek : beef, charcoal-grilled pork / 262, Hanchigol-gil, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do / +82-33-439-4470

· Sigol Jangteo : barbecue, seafood and green onion pancake / 262, Hanchigol-gil, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do / +82-33-439-7998


Recommended Accommodations

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