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Busan Healing Forest

Busan Healing Forest
부산 치유의 숲

Forest healing refers to activities that enhance the immunization of the human body by using the various elements in the forest to restore health to the body and mind. Even though the forest has existed in the same place since a long time ago, if we put the goal on “healing,” ways to enjoy the place changes. Busan Healing Forest prepared useful programs that can be enjoyed with the forest healing leader.

Beyond rest to healing

The forest is a space that never makes you boring. The Busan Healing Forest is 153 hectares, not on the large side. It only takes 40 minutes to take a leisurely round trip of the central trail that starts from the visitors’ center at the entrance. Walking is not the only way to enjoy the forest. The healing forest operates various programs customized for the diverse targets of the general public, couples expecting a child and personal with mild cognitive impairment. Major programs occur at the forest library, mind sharing site, forest healing garden, forest meditation site, pine tree wind bathing site and prenatal education forest site formed along the central trail. Programs enjoyable with the forest healing leader include forest play using natural elements, tea drinking, forest bath stretches, viewing the sky through the leaves, shouting while emptying uncomfortable feelings, shooting slingshots, walking the forest on a rainy day wearing a clear umbrella, idle meditation, barefoot walking, and cypress ball hand massage. After two hours of experience, the troubled heart becomes clear and simplified.

Big and cozy comfort of the steep forest path

There are two resting spots at the Busan Healing Forest. They are “Pine Breeze Shelter” and “Large Rock Shelter,” both located on a ridge. They are narrower than trails and require 20-30 minutes of hiking on narrow and steep forest path, but easy courses. Azalea, long-tail iris and Siberian chrysanthemum bloom in season in the low area of the byway packed with pine trees and oriental oak. Next to the smilax leaves blue butterflies flutter. Over 20 types of butterflies live in the deep forest where there are lots to eat and hide. While picking the ripe blue juniper fruit, tasting the freshness and picking up the handsome pine cone that dropped overnight, you feel like you’ve gone back to your childhood. When childhood memories that you’ve buried inside to be faithful to the busy present, you feel rather emotional. The landscape viewed from the ridge is plain gorgeous. The gathering reservoir that shines in a silver hue gently embraces the village below the mountain.

Tips for visiting the Busan Healing Forest

"Forest for All" is a two-hour program for adults carried out twice a day at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Since programs with activities may last for up to 2 hours and 30 minutes, participants must take enough time out of their schedule. There is a multi-session program for pregnant women that is three hours long. If participants sign up for this program, they will be expected to attend three sessions. A bus line was newly installed starting of August 2018 to allow access to visitors without car. Visitors using public transportation should look at the bus schedule to decide how long they will stay.


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