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Yong Pyong Resort Barwangsan

Yong Pyong Resort Barwangsan Mountain
용평리조트 발왕산

Yong Pyong Barwangsan Mountain is beautiful all year round. It is different from other mountains in that it is open to all. Using the cable car, people on wheelchair, children and seniors can enjoy the pleasing landscape at the peak of Barwangsan Mountain. In the forest that stretches out from the peak at an altitude of 1458 meters to the resort over 800 meters, you can learn about nature and participate in programs that give you the strength to live.

Quietly listen to the stories of the forest and trees

The forest at Barwangsan Mountain has a lot to boast about. There are so many interesting trees for example. The largest Norway spruce habitat in Korea, the hawthorn with the largest circumference in Korea, the humble tree that got its name from the interesting shape (people who walk across the forest must bend their heads as if bowing to go past the tree.) and the Seoul National University tree that resembles the SNU symbol are fun just to watch.

The mayu tree that grows near the summit is a must-see site of Barwangsan Mountain. It is the only dual-species combined tree in which a rowan tree seed sprouted inside a Siberian crabapple and become rooted inside its trunk. The name mayu tree means it is a one-of-akind rowan tree. As the rowan tree grew, the Siberian crabapple became twisted, creating a magnificent bark.People marvel at this tree because it carries the symbol of coexistence. Even though the Siberian crabapple is old enough to die, thanks to the rowan tree it is still standing firm. The forest is deep as it contains many tress. There are eight trekking courses that continue from the resort to the summit including the Wisdom Forest Trail where pine trees and birch form a habitat, the Yew Healing Forest Trail, the Um Hong-gil Trail named after South Korean mountaineer Um Hong-gil and the Norway spruce Healing Forest Trail.

Lye on the mountain

Yong Pyong Resort was designed for various experiencebased programs to share the beautiful ecosystem of Barwangsan Mountain with many people. Programs that can be enjoyed from spring until early fall include A-hyu, which means true rest for me, the empress’ royal walk, the king’s night outing, walking on the forest of Barwangsan Mountain, Barwangsan Revealing of Secrets of Nature and Barwangsan Backpacking. Programs excluding the two-day backpacking are carried out over three to six hours. The program consists of forest bathing stretch, forest seated meditation, forest idle meditation, beneficial tea therapy, plant fragrance therapy and Barwang rice lunchbox. Individuals, families and groups can participate, and reservations are accepted through pre-notification. If seats remain, on-site purchase is also possible.

Winter is fierce at an altitude of 800 meters. During this time, the forest program is closed and indoor programs take their place: Meditation yoga is a time of self-discipline and rest for healing and strengthening of the immune system, handicraft program makes small props, soap or lip balm using the herbs and tree grown in Barwangsan Mountain, aroma healing is naptime through self-aroma massage while leaning against a pillow made of fire tree or bamboo, nishi therapy of moving the body on the yoga mat to strengthen the immune system and the beneficial tea healing time of drinking herbal tea and resting.

Have you ever heard of Barwangsu Water?

Pristine bedrock water containing natural minerals flow out of Barwangsan Mountain. Barwangsan Water has 90% lower sodium content compared to general spring water and contains beneficial ingredients such as silicon and vanadium. Silicon is beneficial for aging skin and osteoporosis, and vanadium strengthens the bone and is effective in treating diabetes. All water used at Barwangsan Mountain is Barwangsu Water. People cook rice and bathe in this water.


  • +82-33-335-5757
  • No forest path, cable car closed on Mondays
  • Pre-reservation is required
  • Cable car(round trip)
    Adult KRW 20,000/Children 16,000
    Barwangsan Revealing the Secrets of Nature KRW 70,000
    Barwangsan Backpacking KRW 150,000-180,000
    A-hyu (rest for me) KRW 60,000
  • Available
  • 715, Olympic-ro, Daegwallyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
  •  www.yongpyong.co.kr