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Seogwipo Healing Forest

Seogwipo Healing Forest
서귀포 치유의 숲


This dense forest full of trees refreshes your energy. In Seougwipo Healing Forest, filled with well-preserved plants indigenous to Jeju Island, you can participate in healing programs designed to soothe your tired body and mind away from your busy life.

According to author Henry David Thoreau, each stage of nature is neither remarkable nor overwhelming. Nature is more like a quiet and sharing friend. If you are looking for a place where you can find and heal your inner self, Seogwipo Healing Forest is the perfect fit for you.

The Power of Forest That Heals Your Body and Mind

Everywhere on Jeju Island, you can feel how clean this island is. Seogwipo Healing Forest particularly stands out as one of the best and cleanest places for nature lovers. Located at an altitude of 320–760 meters, it allows you not only to observe what type of vegetation is in the warm-temperate forest and temperate deciduous forest but also to take part in a variety of forest healing programs.“Forest Healing” is the most beloved signature program of Seogwipo Healing Forest with which you can boost your immune system, achieve harmony with nature, and keep your body and mind healthy. Led by a qualified forest healing instructor, the program is designed to accommodate up to 10 people per session as an attempt to maximize the healing forest's power. This program can be roughly divided into three subcategories: Forest Healing for Family, Forest Healing for Workers, and Forest Healing for Adults. If you are accompanying children, “Forest Healing for Family” is the perfect fit for you. You can listen to a forest lecture or enjoy foot baths on the anion-filled forest trail bordering the stone staircases and the valley while letting your children become friends with the forest. “Forest Healing for Workers” enables you to walk the refreshing evergreen forest trail and drink in the diverse scenery of the forest while relaxing your tired body, mind, and soul. If you participate in “Forest Healing for Adults” involving tree exercise, breathing, meditation, and tea time, you can unburden yourself of stress and eventually feel at ease. These three activities are designed for those who often feel busy and stressed due to their hectic schedule with no time to look after themselves. Please feel free to join the healing journey to the forest where you can inhale phytoncides, feel the gentle sunlight and breeze touching your skin, and enjoy the beautiful scenery to the fullest.

Lost in Thought in the Most Beautiful Forest

The beauty of Seogwipo Healing Forest has been widely recognized as it won the Life Award (grand prize) at the 17th Forest for Life. It is particularly worth noting that it preserves Jeju’s unique ecosystem as it is unlike any other place on the island. In this healing forest, you do not have to worry about your weakened physical strength. All you need to do is to drink in the beautiful scenery of the forest, get some fresh air, and enjoy trekking in a laidback environment. Throughout all seasons, the forest is full of retinispora, red-wood evergreen oaks, and cedars so dense that you can barely see the sky. In autumn, you are bound to find gorgeous autumn foliage, while in winter, you can immerse yourself in walking along a beautiful snowy path. The Forest Trail Healing Program is available upon reservation only. It consists of 5 different trekking routes that allow you to experience the forest accompanied by the village’s healing docents.

A Healthy Meal in the Fo rest, Charong Healing Lunchbox

"Charong" refers to a Jeju-style bamboo basket. For "Charong healing lunchbox," the basket is filled with plentiful heartwarming meals made with Jeju Island's ingredients, including stir-fried shiitake mushrooms from Hallasan Mountain, Jeju-style radish-stuffed buckwheat crepes, broccoli, meat or vegetable skewers, rice balls with hijiki, vegetable wraps and rice with ragwort, and rice balls with pumpkin leaves.


  • +82-64-760-3067~8
  • 08:00–18:00 from Apr. to Dec. &
    09:00–17:00 from Nov. to Mar.
    (Ticket sales closed one hour before forest closing)
  • Reservation required (on a space-available basis, accommodating up to 300 visitors on weekdays and 600 on weekends); phone reservation required for foreigners and persons with disabilities
  • Admission Fees KRW 1,000 for adults, KRW 600 for teenagers & soldiers; Forest Healing Program KRW 20,000

The above information is valid as of March 2019