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Jeongnamjin Cypress Forest Woodland

Jeongnamjin Cypress Forest Woodland
정남진 편백숲 우드랜드


Trees emit phytoncide to protect themselves from harmful insects and germs. The exhalations of trees is our inhalations, helping to relieve stress, strengthen bowel and cardiopulmonary functions and provide antibacterial effects. Jeongnamjin Cypress Forest Woodland was created 60 years ago. The 120ha-wide land has grown about 470,000 cypress trees, which became a dense forest to comfort many people. As soon as you enter the Woodland, the quality of air is apparently different. Phytoncide, permeated into your body, purifies your head and lightens your body. A number of people visit here seeking refreshment.

They participate in healing programs, put their hearts to woodwork practice and enjoy performances in the forest. More than that, they fully take advantage of the forest in different ways, for example, by taking hot cypress enzyme baths or salt baths, or by staying one night in a wood or red clay accommodation in the forest.

The forest healing programs provided by Cypress Forest Woodland are carefully and thoughtfully made. Programs are prepared for different subjects, including pregnant women, those who are suffering from an atopic disease, seniors, workers, and teenagers, with different demands. Most programs are conducted to empty the mind and treat the body with nature experiences, yoga in the forest, breathing and meditation, barefoot walking, and sunbaths. Experience programs are operated in many places in the Woodland and normally finish in the “forest of meditation.” Those who are not participating in experience programs can visit the forest of meditation, where is good to enjoy a wind bath..

Wellness practiced in the cypress forest

Cypress Salt House, a Korean dry sauna located at the highest point of facilities in the Woodland, is where you can experience salt detox. A cave was created with clean, natural salt with abundant minerals. In addition to the salt cave, there are many rooms that boost metabolism and help eliminate waste including a salt detox room, salt massage room, cypress lower-body bathing room, and red clay room. Bathing in cypress enzymes sawdust is one of the most popular experience programs. This is bathing with heat generated by enzymes after lying down in the cypress bath and covering the body with sawdust with cultivated microorganisms. You can feel the energy of life as it is if you lie on the base of microorganisms, meaning the heat generated by living organisms. It can be little itchy, but it is a rocess where healthful enzymes penetrate into the skin through open pores. Being covered in sweat after 15 minutes of bathing refreshes you as if you have become a new person. You can also hear cheerful cracking sounds from the carpentry experience center. As we can have a healthy body when we have a happy mind, this is an extension of healing as well.

You can make a number of cypress wood handicrafts including animal models such as elephants and owls and wood stools by age or level of difficulty. Many beautiful walkways are created through the forest. One trail has a mat on it, while another walkway has cypress sawdust for bare feet. The most beautiful one is Mallae Trail. (Mallae is dialect word that refers to to the main floor (“Daecheong maru” in Korean) between Korean houses.) The 3.8km-long path, connected with wood decks, reaches the peak of Ukbulsan. When you stand on the deck in the air, cypress leaves are packed under your feet. When trees sway with the wind, the world stops for a moment. Silence and tranquility come as if you are floating alone on a green sea. That alone is enough for a wounded heart to be healed.

Cypress forest concert

Healing concerts are held in the outside decks, Saturday of the second and fourth week of each month from May to October. Concerts in genres in harmony with nature, such as ensembles of Daegeum and Haegeum, traditional dance, and classical music, are planned to be held. Please refer to the website for more information.


  • +82-61-864-0063
  • 08:00~16:00
  • Reservations are mandatory (Forest Healing program)
  • Admission Fee Adults 3,000 won, Children 1,000 won
    Forest Healing program 5,000 won
    Cypress Salt Room Adults 8,000 won / Children 5,000 won

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017