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Donghae Mureung Health Forest

Donghae Mureung Health Forest


Mureung Valley has been recently re-emerging as a must-see travel destination in South Korea. Known for its beautiful scenery, it is becoming even more famous for the Donghae Mureung Health Forest.

The bridge at the entrance to Mureung Valley is a skywalk-type bridge through which you can see a creek flowing beneath. Across the bridge is a wellness travel destination sitting on 24,207㎡ of land. Donghae Mureung Health Forest, operated by the city of Donghae, offers great accommodations, meals, and healing programs at affordable prices.

A Day of Rest Will Suffice

Donghae Mureung Health Forest offers a variety of single-day programs and overnight programs. Some of its single-day programs involve crafts experience with natural materials. One of them is particularly perfect for family outings, making highly affordable eco bags, T-shirts, and eco pouches with natural pigments based on given designs. Another one is creating air fresheners with plaster or aroma diffusers, which will help you relax your body and soul. You can make your own souvenir by participating in a pillow-making program using cypress chips. Apart from these, you can also join an activity that allows you to make natural soaps and shampoos. Chahun Meditation is a program that involves exposing your face to the steam of hot tea. Such heat boosts blood circulation and eventually helps make skin fairer. Heat therapy, which is great for improving your immune system, and is one of the most beloved programs available at this facility. Once inside the capsule-shaped therapy bed, you will feel the heat rush through your whole body. Each session takes about 40 minutes. The heat therapy room is equipped with professional medical equipment such as an eczema diagnostic machine, stress tracking device, and, body fat monitor. You can also get customized health advice from in-house nurses.

Donghae Mureung Health Forest has themed experience facilities similar to saunas: Secricite Sauna, Red Clay Sauna, Salt Cave, and an Oxygen Healing Room. In particular, it is worth noting the Salt Cave made with Korean sun-dried salt and the Oxygen Healing Room equipped with 24- hour oxygen generators. Inside the Oxygen Healing Room, you can use any of the equipment, including the massage chair, pelvic exercise device, sonic wave workout machine, horse riding fitness equipment, and music therapy machine, without having to pay additional charges.

Laid-Back Overnight Wellness Trips

You will see the true value of Donghae Mureung Health Forest after participating in one of its overnight programs, which last up to 4 nights at the Healing Lodging Units. The Healing Lodging Units are equipped with 2-person to 8-person rooms and are decorated with cypress, red clay, and sericite finishes which are safe for those suffering from eczema or sensitive to odors. Not so far from the Healing Lodging Units, you will find a walking trail and a beautiful lake garden, which are perfect for taking a walk and having a tea break in a laid-back environment. Traveling with pets and cooking is not allowed. Signing up for healing programs led by special instructors is a great idea. Donghae Mureung Health Forest offers a variety of customized programs, including “Family Atopic Dermatitis Healing Camp,” “Healthy Forest Camp,” and “Detox Program for Improving Daily Habits.” At the cafeteria inside the facility, you can benefit from a healthy buffet consisting of nutritious abalone rice porridge, millet rice, oven-baked sweet potatoes, house-made yogurt, and nuts. It also offers workshops for companies, organizations, and schools. If you prefer more professional wellness education, you can join the “lectures on preventing environmental diseases” scheduled in the first and second half of the year. In summer, you can visit the Oseonnyeotang Outdoor Pool, which draws water from Mureung Valley and consists of 5 1-meter deep pools. It is perfect for a family outing with kids, and you can use it without having to pay additional fees.

An Exploration of Nearby Places

While visiting here, you can explore Mureung Valley or climb Dutasan Mountain. The trail to Mureung Valley takes about 50 minutes, and passes by Samhwasa Temple and Gwaneum Falls. A circular route that includes Gwaneumam Rock and Yongchu Falls takes 2.5 hours. As for Dutasan Mountain, it will take over half a day to climb the mountain that consists of five different trail routes.


  • +82-33-530-2391
  • 09:00 - 18:00 for experience programs (only upon reservation);
    07:00 - 23:00 (close on Mondays) for Theme Experience Facilities(Sauna Complex); accommodations available at any time;
    and Jul.10 - Aug.20 for Oseonnyeotang Outdoor Pool
  • Theme Experience Facilities KRW 10,000 for adults, KRW 5,000 for preschoolers;
    Heat Therapy KRW 18,000 per person (+ Theme Experience Facilities);
    Accommodations KRW 60,000 for basic room (for 1 night + experience program)
  • Available
  • 455, Samhwa-ro, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do
  • www.dh.go.kr

The above information is valid as of March 2019